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‘Tokhang’ operatives

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DON’T look now, but police operatives conducting “Oplan: Tokhang” are under strict orders to be always courteous and respect human rights.

The Philippine National Police (PNP), led by Director-General Ronald dela Rosa, bared this in the wake of President Rodrigo R. Duterte’s six-month extension in the campaign against illegal drugs.

Of course, this is a most welcome development in the government’s all-out war against the drug menace, which continues to worry government authorities and even the ordinary citizens.

But while the top leadership of the national police agency ordered its field operatives to observe proper decorum, people should not also overreact during “Oplan: Tokhang.”

PNP spokesman S/Supt. Dionardo B. Carlos said overreacting could trigger heated arguments which may lead to possible violence.

“Our men are subject to standard operating procedures and those who are the subject of the visit should reciprocate,” said Carlos, adding after all “lahat naman (ay) nadadaan sa magandang usapan.”
It is certainly unfortunate that there have been unfounded fears among some sectors of society that police officers and men are abusive.
“As public servants in charge of peace and order, it is us, of all people, who want every conflict resolved in a peaceful way,” said the PNP spokesman.
Various quarters agree that the people need to be shocked into realization that the scenario can be very frightening if the government fails to rid the country of prohibited drugs, pushers and users.
Certainly, the illegal drug problem is worse than we feared.