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Drug war ‘multiplier effect’

  • Written by Mario Fetalino Jr.
  • Published in Opinion
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SOME 3,000 drug suspects and tens of thousands of self-confessed drug users have already been removed from the streets by the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte.

And the count is still rising. Each time more are added into the PNP statistics on the country’s drug war, the safer public places become.

Illegal drugs  are blamed for the high incidence of crime in the country before Duterte took over the government.

There’s a multiplication involved in the figures. If we do the math, getting rid of one drug pusher in a barangay means saving the lives of hundreds of families.
Without drug pushers, users won’t get the high they need to beat women, rape children, rob and kill innocent victims and do other heinous crimes.
More than 30,000 drug users surrendered to the PNP and this means they left their homes which could now be more peaceful and safe in their absence.
Money previously intended for drugs are now used to buy food,  clothing, and shelter that help each family live a more dignified life. With illegal drugs out of their homes, families’ priorities are changed and shifted to health and education for a better future.
There could be many stories that we ought to know from families that benefited from the government’s war on drugs. They are the ones moving forward after beating the menace.
Considering this, one may not really consider Duterte’s campaign against illegal drugs as a ‘killing machine’  but a program to reform a decaying society. It’s a chance  to give many drug-affected families, rich and poor, a chance to start a new life and to save a lot more Filipinos from the evils of prohibited substances.

* * *

Pressure is really high on Transport Sec. Arthur Tugade to institute reforms in his department as there are still no changes in the performance of the agency. If Tugade is not a disciplinarian, chances are he will fail to bring changes at DoTr where a lot of officials are said to be hard-headed.
Tugade should not waste more time because in doing so, he is shaming not only himself but the entire Duterte administration whom people expect to deliver fast and working solutions for the transport problems.
I’m thus reminded of the country’s requirement for more action-oriented leaders like former MMDA chair and now Marikina Rep. Bayani Fernando who knows exactly how to implement discipline.
How I wish Duterte can tap Fernando to head the DoTr or the MMDA again so that people can say something is being done about the traffic woes.
If Fernando is not available, guys like PNP chief Gen. Ronald Bato will do.

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