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Alien at the window

  • Written by MUFON CMS
  • Published in Mysteries
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Detroit, MI - 2016-09-06 - 5:15 A.M.: I was lying in bed with my boyfriend unable to sleep for some reason. I tossed and turned the whole night. So, I looked at my phone. It was 5:15 a.m. I turned towards

him (he was lying with his back turned towards the window facing me) because sometimes I stare at him, kiss him and then I fall asleep. But when I looked at his face, something caught my eye like a glare or

something out the window. I raised my head up to see what it was and it was a being. It was brownish tan. It was short. I couldn’t see the eyes or mouth. It had a head like oval shaped and you could see the

impressions where the eyes and mouth were supposed to be but it wasn't there. It had its fist balled up and I didn’t see fingers. just the roundness of the fist. It was looking left to right like it was looking for

something. When I saw it, I panicked,  I jumped up and yelled "Bae Bae Bae" (thats what I call my boyfriend). I turned on the light. He jumped up. I told him something was outside. He looked

out the window but was unable to see anything because the light in the room was reflecting the darkness back through the window. He said "Bae, I can't see, turn off the light". I turned off the light. He looked

again and he said he didn't see anything. Then our dog started barking like crazy. So, my boyfriend grabs his pants. My heart is beating out my chest by now. I asked him where was he going. He said "Outside

to check and see what's out there." I grabbed him and begged him not to go. I couldn't let him go. I was too afraid. So, we laid back down in bed. When we laid down, we began to hear a strange sound. I can’t

describe it because I never heard anything like that before. My boyfriend held me tight until it went away.