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No street, no school named for Ecijano war hero

  • Written by Steve A. Gosuico
  • Published in Provincial
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CABIAO, Nueva Ecija -- For this famed late Novo Ecijano revolutionary leader, not a street nor a school has so far been named in his honor.

Seventy-four years after his death on Sept. 19, 1942, Gen. Mariano Llanera remains unrecognized even in his hometown here, a known and intriguing fact which the fledgling administration of Mayor Ramir B. Rivera wants to alter for the sake of history.
Rivera decried the lack of recognition on Llanera right in his hometown, saying it is puzzling why the late general, who was recognized in other places, did not even have a street in the town bearing his name.
“He’s from here but he was not accorded the respect and recognition he rightfully deserved. For example, there was no General Llanera Road. I will find a street and name it after him,” he said.
He said even a school donated by the Llaneras -- the Maligaya Elementary School (MES) -- should have been named after him but it was not.
“It’s a pity because he is a hero,” Rivera added.
Rivera earlier bared plans by the municipal government to set up a museum in honor of the late Novo Ecijano war hero.
But the plan hit a major snag because the memorabilia associated with the famed revolutionary leader were missing, said municipal planning and development coordinator and local historian Jose Hipolito.
He said the memorabilia -- personal objects kept or collected because of their historical interest -- such as the sword and boots of Llanera which the municipal government intends to preserve could no longer be found.
“Many of General Llanera’s photos are also missing and even the Llanera house and his clothes have been sold. What a pity,” said Hipolito.
Hipolito, who has been making researches on Llanera said a former town official borrowed the late general’s belongings for possible showcasing but they were never returned.
“I doubt if these memorabilia could be returned by the one who borrowed it because these would be of much use in the museum being planned by Mayor Rivera,” he said. 
Rivera said Llanera is recognized in other places such as in Gapan City where a memorial lodge was established in 1963 in his honor. A municipality in northern Nueva Ecija was also named after him.
History showed that on Sept. 2, 1896, Llanera and Gen. Pantaleon Valmonte led home-grown revolutionaries armed only with 100 guns, bolos and pointed sticks in assaulting the Spanish garrision in San Isidro, in what was now dubbed as the First Cry of Nueva Ecija.