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Oishi’s Larry Chan makes it big in China; Duterte cries

  • Written by Itchie G. Cabayan
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During a recent visit to Shanghai, I was fortunate to have met a young Filipino-Chinese businessman who now makes his home country, the Philippines, proud.

Larry Chan, one of the children of business magnate Ambassador Carlos Chan, has brought the Philippine-based Oishi snack and confectionery products to unimaginable heights in various parts of China and are now ranked as among the biggest food brands and top favorites there.

The mother company, Liwayway, Co., Ltd., had gone really big-time that its Liwayway (China), Co., Ltd. Manufacturing Plant in West Shanghai merited a visit from no less than the Philippine Consulate General in Shanghai just last month.

Though practically born with the so-called silver spoon in his mouth, Larry is far from typical brats who would throw their weight around or exude a feeling of being a cut above the rest.

Surprisingly, he was very unassuming-soft-spoken, full of humility and wit and never bossed around. He was super amiable, nice and grounded and very intelligent.
I learned that as soon as he graduated from Ateneo, Larry went straight to Shanghai to handle the family business there. Under his watch, their family now operates so many factories all over China and have thousands in their employ, including a good number of Filipinos. Larry is just in his early 40s and given his business acumen, certainly has a long way to go.
According to a colleague, Conrad Ching, who is Immigration Press Corps president and a close friend of Ambassador Chan,  Larry and his siblings have been a constant source of pride for their dad not only for being dutiful children but moreso for being good individuals who know how to deal well with all kinds of people.
Larry’s success, still according to Conrad who had known him since he was eight, is also greatly anchored on how he values his relationship with people.
This I’ve seen with my own eyes. Larry is good-natured and obviously, had been raised well.

* * *
I was able to catch a good portion of President Rodrigo Duterte’s late night press conference when he arrived in Davao City from a one-day state visit in Indonesia that followed his attendance at the ASEAN Summit in Laos.
As usual, he dished out jokes and expletives. What came unexpected was his nearly tearful response when asked his reaction about his daughter, Davao City Mayor Sara, losing her identical twins.
President Duterte unabashedly admitted that he cried in private -- actually, in the bathroom -- upon learning of what had happened to his daughter. While saying this, his face turned red. He also fell silent for a while, apparently holding back his tears and preventing himself from speaking with a cracking voice.
While tears welled in his eyes, the tough-talking Duterte turned meek and mild, as he expressed extreme sadness over how long it took for Mayor Sara to get pregnant and how she even had to turn to some medical intervention.
Mayor Sara had earlier said in a speech when she attended a military affair that when she decided to replace the chief of Task Force Davao in the wake of the recent deadly blast at the Roxas night market,  she received a text and a call from ‘Digong’ and got a mouthful from him as he apparently was not in favor of what she had done. “Here comes ‘Digong’, nagbubunganga na naman’ was exactly how she narrated it.
In text messages subsequently relayed to presidential chief aide Bong Go, Mayor Sara said she offered to resign and according to her, she was no longer able to tell her father about what happened to two of the supposed triplets she was carrying. The third baby, according to her, is still ‘fighting.’
Duterte’s emotional pronouncements, I’m sure, will have a strong, unforgettable impact on all those who have seen him speak. So, he’s human after all…

* * *
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Jokjok (from Rodolfo Valiente of Pasig City) -- Sa isang hearing ng tangang akusado -- JUDGE: Ano ba talaga nangyari? Maari lamang sanang ikuwento mo sa korteng ito/ AKUSADO: Hmm??? (’di nagsasalita)/ JUDGE: Tinatanong kita.  Sumagot ka sa tanong/ AKUSADO: Hmm??/ JUDGE: Niloloko mo ba ‘ko? Sa huling pagkakataon, sumagot ka. Tinatanong kita, ano ba nangyari? ’Pag ’di ka pa din sumagot dedesisyunan ko na ang kaso at baka hindi mo magustuhan ang aking hatol/ AKUSADO: Naman oh!!! Akala ko ba hearing lang ’to? Bakit may speaking? Itong abogado ko wala namang sinabi na me speaking!

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