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‘I cried’

  • Written by Efren Montano
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Featured Duterte Duterte


The tough- talking President Rodrigo Duterte told reporters upon his arrival early Saturday morning that he cried after getting word that his daughter Sara lost two of her babies days after the deadly blast in Davao City.

Duterte, who arrived at the Davao City airport after his visit to Indonesia and the ASEAN summit, turned emotional after he was asked about his daughter's condition.

He said he went to the bathroom after he was told about what happened to Sara's babies.

“I cried. These are the things in life na... You just have to be yourself,” a teary-eyed  Duterte said.

Duterte, who was close to tears during the press conference, went on fielding questions.

Sara was expecting triplets.
Speaking at the turnover ceremonies of Task Force Davao, Sara said she was not feeling well on Monday and sought her doctor's help.
“Lunes, buong araw iyak ako nang iyak. I lost my identical twins (I've been crying all day last Monday),” she said.
“Nag-arrest na heartbeat sa identical twins but one is still fighting,” she added.
She said the doctors cannot say yet what caused the fetal deaths.
“Actually daghan siya (doctor) gisulti but they really cannot say what happened. (The doctor said a lot of things but they really cannot say what happened.)”
She said the two fetuses will not be extracted from her womb yet because this might affect the surviving baby.