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QC Gen. Hospital, China Eastern Airlines hit

  • Written by Itchie Cabayan
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PAGING  Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista.

After giving way to the complaint of a couple of indigent patients regarding the questionable practice of the Que-zon City General Hospital (QCGH) in denying laboratory services to its patients, this column received a barrage of text messages accusing certain ranking hospital officials of a wide range of anomalies.
They affirmed that indeed, the said hospital has its laboratory equipments. However, whenever patients need laboratory services such as a simple X-ray, they, allegedly, are constantly shooed and told that the hospital equipment for such services they need is out of order. Subsequently, the patients are directed to instead go to a private laboratory which is located right across the QCGH, whose director, I wass told, is a certain Dr. Sabando.
Well of course, that laboratory charges certain fees for such services and according to sources, those fees don’t come cheap.
How true is the allegation of the same sources that a ranking hospital official actually has ‘close connections’ to the said private laboratory? Or that there are a host of other ‘rackets’ and anomalies in the said hospital?
Mayor Bautista is being strongly urged by the affected indigent patients to look into their complaint, the current state of the said hospital and the alleged anomalous activities of some of those holding sensitive posts there.
Speaking of bad service, Immigration Press Corps (IPC) president Conrado Ching wrote Chen Li Wei, country manager of China Eastern Airlines, to formally complain about the rudeness of their male staff stationed at the Pudong International Airport in Shanghai, China.
On August 21, Manila-based media members -- myself included

-- were checking in at one of the counters as we were then to board our returning flight to Manila, MU 211 which was slated to depart at 11:55 p.m.
Conrad and our friend William, a locale, were checking in our luggage as a group -- this is a common practice for passengers travelling as a group -- when a male staff, whose name we failed to get, suddenly went into a tantrum and refused to process us as one group.   
When our male companions asked why the staff seemed lazy, the airline guy, to our surprise and dismay, stood up, cussed at those in front of him and left, but not after shouting, ‘f..ck you!’ in the presence of all other passengers of the airline who were apparently just as shocked and dismayed by the airline staff’s display of unnecessary rudeness.
His actuations smack of the kind of service toward passengers expected of any decent airline company. It was the height of unprofessionalism to say the least.
Is China Eastern Airlines going to do something about their rude staff? We hope so, if that airline company really means business.
There is a saying that ‘customers are always right.’ In the case at hand, we were not only customers but indeed, were on the right side of things.

LANDMARK STAFF LAUDED -- Now, a bit of good news. A group of friends who recently went to the Landmark in Makati City are all praises for the kind staff whom they said courteously and patiently assisted them when they bought some stuff at the furniture area.
They are product specialists Roel Cordero of Ambassador Philippine Bed, Ronald Ricardo of Carl Collosal and Ryan Falquerabao of Sigma Furniture. Kudos, too, to their bosses who trained them to be nice to customers, namely Landmark supervisor Jun Tupal and manager Chona  Villanueva.
My friends said they got all the assistance and information they needed in no time and saved a lot of time since they were in a hurry at that time.  

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Jokjok (from Alice Castro of Camarines Norte) -- Ilokano, ga-ling probinsiya, sumakay ng jeepney kasama ang anak -- Ilokano: Mamang driver, may bayad po ba itong batang kasama ko?/ Jeep driver: Wala ho tutal maliit pa naman ’yan/ Ilokano: Eh mamang driver, kapag kandong may bayad?/Driver: Wala din ho/ Ilokano: Yes!!! O, anak, bilis! Umupo ka na at kakandong ako!!!

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