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Cybercrime is grievous

  • Written by Dulce Reyes
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With millions of Filipinos using the internet, did you know that there is now a law, the Republic Act No. 10175, otherwise known as the “Cycercrime Prevention Act of 2012”. You all better be familiar with its rules and regulations because the penalties are stiff and yes, the DoJ, DILG and the DoST are the ones implementing it.

These three departments have all the means to arrest anyone found doing or uploading lewd fotos, child pornography, and other acts against decency and privacy of any citizen. If you find anything in social media that is a criminal act, delete right away (don’t dare open it because you may even be an accessory) and report to the above agencies.

The problem with us Filipinos is that we have enough laws to protect us against cybercrimes but many of us do not know how to distinguish one from the other and what to do about it. There are even hackers out there invading our private emails and if you ever encounter one, there is something you can do about it immediately like changing your id and passwords and close or delete your account.

We are protected against crimes of online lasciviousness, posting of indecent fotos, pornography, and other instances against human decency.
Delete, delete and don’t even open any links because you might be made an accessory of spreading it. You may access the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 rules and regulations through Google search and I suggest you read all the provisions. Yes, the fines are stiff from several hundred thousands of pesos to a million including a jail sentence.
And yes, the three departments have ways and means of finding out the source and even where you live. For internet users, especially the public ones, you are closely monitored. Our privacy is still protected, thanks to this Republic Act No. 10175 and if you commit any crime, you just may get a knock at your door and be arrested.
It is a fast moving world we live in and almost everyone of all ages, from children to senior citizens know how to use the computer and go online. Can we be traced? With all the changes going on, almost daily, in social media, I believe we can be traced. The best thing you can do is just to post the necessary information you need for your research and clean entertainment and be a good netizen. YouTube, Facebook, etc. are quite strict and they themselves will delete if your posts are pornographic. And this is a good safeguard for all netizens.
Social media is just what it is. For us to be social through the internet, but there are proper rules and regulations that require decency and good moral conduct. Watch out for cybercrimes and report immediately, for the sake of your children and yourselves.         Your penalty may just be a jail term. Read the law against cybercrime and be vigilant. Let us help one another be upright netizens to make this world a better place to live in.