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Helping in the rehab of drug-dependent

  • Written by Dulce Reyes
  • Published in Opinion
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This corner is expressing it’s admiration to those who are assisting in the rehabilitation of drug addicts and surrenderees which is numbering in the thousands from all over the country.

This just shows the extent of the influence of illegal drugs which has and is destroying so many lives and families. San Miguel Corporation has just made a press release that they are donating P1billion to various agencies for the purpose of helping in the rehabilitation of drug addicts so they can have a brighter future.

Metrobank Foundation has been supporting DARE or the Drug Abuse Rehabilitation Center for years now. Even if the LGUs have been tasked to assist the thousands of surrenderees, their facilities cannot cope with the sheer number of those wanting to change their lives. And the numbers of those who want to change are increasing daily.

This just shows the impact of the campaign against illegal drugs by President Duterte. We hope the campaign succeeds as this has been a long standing problem of the country. It really takes strong political will to eradicate illegal drugs and crimes.

And we know it has to be done fast since for every drug addict who commits a crime while high, many lives are destroyed. I heard over Radyo Inquirer last Friday morning that many side streets are now safe at night since there are no more “kanto” boys sniffing and gambling. I hope this happens in all Metro Manila streets.We hope there will be more corporations and organizations who will help in the rehabilitation of the thousands of drug addicts who want to change their lives.
These corporations, as their corporate social responsibility (CSR) should help since peace and order will benefit all. Our government today needs the help of everyone to change for the better. Sure, there will be obstacles but it is not even three months and you can see the change going on. Now what we want to see, and we know it will take time, is for the traffic to improve and for mass transportation to get off the ground.
The long lines of waiting passengers from morning till night is a sad sight and for every day’s delay in the process of getting new coaches for the MRT/LRT and our trains, the more our commuters suffer.
We are indeed a patient people. On the topic of the Filipino family, there is a new non-stock, non-profit organization composed of various agencies whose main objective is to promote quality family life and the well-being of children, as it says in its brochure.
This is the Bukluran ng Pamilyang Pilipino which held its first successful conference on the Filipino family at UP Diliman last Wednesday in cooperation with Consuelo Zobel Alger Foundation, NORFIL, DSWD, and others. 
The vision of Bukluran is for a resilient and empowered Filipino families engaged in social change and their mission is to advocate for quality family life and families as agens for social change.
So with all the changes going on around us today, it is, at the end of the day, our family life that will benefit the most as long as we all help each other starting with our families and neighborhood.