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Snatcher gunned down

  • Written by Jeffrey C. Tiangco
  • Published in Metro
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DEATH come shortly after 12 midnight yesterday to an unidentified suspected snatcher who was killed by riding-in-tandem members of the Deadly Death Squad (RIT-DDS) in Pasay City.

The victim, described as between 20 and 30 years old, half naked from waist up, with both hands tied behind his back, died due to four gunshot wounds from a cal. .45 gun.

Police said a cardboard that read “SNATCHER AKO SA EDSA HUWAG TULARAN” was found beside the victim’s lifeless body.
Jesus Berber, a barangay tanod, told police that  at 12:20 a.m. yesterday, he heard gunshots. He said when he rushed to where the shots were coming,  in Bac. 11, Don Carlos Village, Bgy. 190, Zone 20, he discovered the lifeless body of the victim in a pool of his own blood.
He said three witnesses claimed that they saw the suspects and the victim on board two motorcycles arrived in the area.
The three said that seconds later, gunshots were heard and the suspects escaped.
Residents in the area expressed belief that the victim, whom they said was not familiar to them, was killed by RIT-DDS.
The victim was the first fatality of summary execution for this month of August in Pasay City.