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Judy, Simply a Very Pretty Woman

  • Written by Rene S. Bisquera
  • Published in Women's Journal
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Judy Miranda Abalos Judy Miranda Abalos

Just arrived from a whirlwind tour of Greece, Croatia, and her favorite France, Judy Miranda Abalos was pleasantly in a tète á tète with this writer. Presently, she talks of how hectic her trip was but she nonetheless is extremely exhilarated for having a much-needed break from work – and yet relaxed.

Mixed feelings? Maybe so but wonder not a bit, for gorgeous Judy is a jane-of-all-trades in this complex, metropolitan city of our dreams. While hers is one life being beautifully and wisely lived through these bewildering times, one is even more impressed to know that her attractive looks comes with a keen, perceptive and practical mind – a rare beauty-and-brains personality. Here, the thoughts of a simply very pretty woman, inside and out.

WJ: What is it about traveling that makes it, it seems, a part of your life?

JMA: Traveling is an escape from the routine of work and responsibilities. I travel to enjoy seeing the world and to relax – more as a reward for myself for jobs well done. But after having been to many countries around the world, no place compares with the Philippines.

WJ: You said “jobs well done,” so what’s keeping you very busy these days?

JMA: Right now I’ve devoted more time into real estate. . .

I enjoy building and designing that’s why while I have always dreamt that my child would someday consider a career in architecture.

WJ: So how do you keep your ideal family situation?

JMA: In business or at home, I am probably the biggest multi-tasker around. My hubby and I work have quality time together and with the family and yet, we have time away from each other as we attend to our hobbies and other business interests.

WJ: Define the ‘strong’ or ‘tough’ personality that your family or other

people recognize in you?

JMA: I am ‘makulit.’ It has its advantages (in business I believe so) as well as disadvantages. I won’t stop when I want something I like until I have it. I need to know, I need to have the answers to my questions .. be it in business or in personal matters but I’ve mellowed down already; yes, I more patient now.

At a young age, right after college I worked right away, then got married and then started a business of my own. In a way everything happened so fast – or I made them happen while I was still fresh from college.

In business, you have to make wise decisions at anytime. I have learned along the way to systematize better, organize things more efficiently.

It’s a given that there are many attendant risks to one’s business, but I’ve learned to squarely face problems, attending to them with much focus – that’s how they are eventually solved anyway. I had to draft my own contracts and other legal documents to make sure my interests are protected. Then again I dreamt that one day my child would become a lawyer to help me in these legal matters.

WJ: Given your seemingly boundless energy and matching attitude, what’s in the future for Judy by Judy?

JMA: I have always wanted a simple life… and I want to make it a point to enjoy the fruits of my labor at a young age.

It helped to have dreams and goals while one is still young. While some would choose to be carefree, I had goals that luckily got realized just as I thought them out, out of my young mind.

WJ: Considering that there are serious, maybe even stressful matters in your life, how do you manage to keep fit and fresh-looking?

JMA: First of all, I’m not into any vices and I try to lead a healthy lifestyle. I don’t drink, I don’t smoke. Seldom do I sleep late at night – that so to be able to do my usual morning exercise which is swimming or be at the gym, before I go to work.

I have no special diet but I enjoy eating sweets, pizza etc… It’s just that I’m not a meat lover. Most of all, it’s the confidence and positive vibes that exude from within.

Also, I have always listened to my Mama Lily’s reminder to always pray to ask for God’s guidance and Papa Naps encouraging word to never give up, work hard, give your best at anything you do.

As for my in-laws, I admire them for they’ve a good example to us, as they have instilled the value of keeping the family intact. I’m truly blessed to have wonderful in-laws who have always treated me like their own.

WJ: You sound so in tune with the positive or philosophical approach to life and living...

JMA: With everything I have achieved in life, having a wonderful family, good health, I have nothing more to complain about, instead I have more things to thank for. My life isn’t perfect but I never dwell on what I don’t have, instead I’m grateful for the many things I have been blessed with.

I am a complete woman because I know that I would leave a legacy where I would be greatly remembered not with the material things I have achieved but through the values I have inculcated in the lives of my offspring.

More so, I have always lived by my own motto: “I will never let pessimism outshine my huge belief on optimism!”