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Traffic woes

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IN the campaign to ensure orderly traffic system in the country, particularly in Metropolitan Manila, there’s something concerned government authorities should never forget nor ignore. 

It is regulating motorists by requiring all driver’s license applicants to undergo mandatory driving seminars and actual driving tests.
In filing House Bill (HB) No. 4311, Surigao del Norte Rep. Robert Ace Barbers said the traffic problem in this impoverished nation implores the need to adopt unequivocal measures.
“Apart from constructing new roads and providing more options for the commuting public, we should also be regulating motorists,” according to Congressman Barbers.
Like the lawmaker, we believe that undisciplined and uneducated Filipinos should not be given the privilege to drive motor vehicles.
Aside from endangering the lives of commuters, passengers, pedestrians and other motorists, “undeserving drivers compound our traffic crisis” in the metropolis and other urban areas.
“Ang mga driver na ito ay humihinto kahit saan, lumiliko na wala sa lugar at nagka-counterflow,” lamented the Surigao del Norte legislator.
Under Barber’s proposed legislation, a driver’s license applicant must attend a three-hour seminar and pass a 30-minute actual driving test before being granted full driving privileges.
The present situation is not helped any by the presence of so many drivers who are not knowledgeable on traffic laws, rules and regulations, traffic signs, vehicle capabilities and safety precautions.
Indeed, safe, disciplined and educated driving practice is key to mend the country’s flawed traffic system.