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Holiday cheers

  • Written by Dulce Reyes
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Women talk

We can all be cheerful today if we just took into account the various tips I gave you regarding how to avoid stress. Today is Christmas Day and it is a day for joyful giving and sharing.

Here are more ways to make sure today and the days up to New Year will be less stressful.

There will be less traffic today so being stressed when you are driving will be minimal if none at all. So enjoy the present and focus on what truly matters today.

As the book “Taming Your Stress” by Deborah Smith Pegues writes, “Tomorrow is like your child. No matter whom you’re with or what you’re doing, it tries to demand your attention.

Of course, like your child, it is very important to you and you want to make sure that you take care of it. Therefore, it would be foolish and to your detriment to ignore it. It’s just that every now and then, you need a break from it.” We are so distracted these days, adds Pegues.
When you watch the news on television or listen to the radio, you get distressed with the violence, killings, doomsday tales, and the like so I strongly suggest to stop watching and listening to stations that keep on dishing out these negative news.
We all know of the threats on our lives out there. That is why we are grateful when security guards at the entrance of malls and other buildings scrutinize your cars and belongings upon entering these buildings.
We must also be vigilant and keep tab of our belongings  when in public. Another tip to avoiding stress is to just say no. We oftentimes find it hard to say no even when it already leads us away from our purpose and goals.         Saying yes all the time raises our stress levels, says author Pegues. Another tip she gives is to be flexible. People who are flexible are happy people, says Pegues.
She explains that these types of people experience a lot less stress than the rigid types who insist on things always being done according to policy or exactly the way they have decided they should be done.
“One of the reasons that inflexibility is so stressful is that we have to achieve our goals and purposes through thinking humans who often have their own bright ideas.
If you are not the type who is receptive to news ways of doing things because you view them as a personal rejection of your own ideas, run to the altar and get healing. Otherwise, you will find yourself in a constant state of frustration and stress.”
In today’s world we indeed have a lot to be stressful for. I remember someone telling me on learning how to go with the flow.
This is easier said than done, especially if things around you go against your core values and principles. You either keep silent because you need the job, or you go your own way and find something more to your liking and less stresful.
For example, if companies do not allow flexibility in employee work hours and even their location, they would be in danger of demoralizing or losing key employees who are key to their bottom line, writes Pegues.
This is why the idea of flexitime, telecommuting, and other conveniences to make work a win-win proposition is becoming popular. This of course depends on the type of work one does. Meanwhile, let us for now enjoy the moment and let the holiday spirit today and tomorrow permeate our homes and neighborhood. May you continue to be blessed this Christmas!