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Let us hear it from Gen. Charles Calima

  • Written by Paul Gutierrez
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Paul's alarm

FROM the email yesterday, I received the following from the highly-respected and bemedalled former director for intelligence of the Philippine National Police and good friend, Charles Calima.

As everyone now knows, DoJ Sec. Vitaliano Aguirre failed to exercise sound judgment and fairness -- requisites in a secretary of justice -- when he unceremoniously and humiliatingly removed (thru text message) Calima as director for intelligence of the Bureau of Immigration last week.

As some observers averred, the good secretary must have been “pissed” on learning that it was Calima who planned and executed the ‘counter-intelligence operation’ (read: entrapment) of SOJ Aguirre’s fraternity brothers at the BI last month, namely, associate commissioners Al Argosino and Michael Robles.

The two proved themselves truly unworthy of Pres. Duterte’s trust and confidence for forcing Fontana Leisure Park owner, Jack Lam to hand over to them P150 million in exchange for their “help” in sorting out and solving Lam’s problems with the government.

Lam has found himself in a real dilemma (finally, after years of operating above the law) after a BI raid at the Fontana last November 24 yielded over 1,300 Chinese illegally working for Lam’s “offshore” casinos.

In reprinting the email, here’s hoping this would help enlighten our dear readers as to what really happened and why Calima, a man I’ve known personally for about a decade now, deserves everybody’s support. Read on…
“The time is right for the case to be brought to court. The evidence I have gathered is strong.”
“Background. I am retired Police Director Charles Calima.
“From 01 July to 13 December 2016, I was the BI Intelligence chief. I came back to serve the government after I saw the sincerity of PRRD’s anti-corruption drive and the reform agenda of the new Bureau of Immigration Commissioner Jaime H. Morente.
“Even before I officially took over as Chief, Intelligence Division on 01 July 2016, I had already gathered information on the modus operandi of scalawags in the Bureau of Immigration.
“With the collective work of the Intelligence Division personnel, I led the Intelligence Division of the Bureau of Immigration to significant accomplishments like the over 300 Indonesian and Malaysian Hajj pilgrims who used fraudulently acquired Philippine passports.
“The Intelligence Division also apprehended 144 Chinese illegally working in Clark. In just a few months, there were many more accomplishments of the Intel Team that I am proud of. 
“The 150 Million Peso Extortion. On 27 November 2016, the amount of 50 Million pesos was given to Immigration Associate Commissioners (ACs) Al Argosino and Mike Robles for the release of the 1300+ Chinese nationals.
“However, after two days, none of the Chinese nationals had been released. It was at this point that Wally Sombero, Jack Lam’s associate and head of Asian Gaming Service Providers Association, asked for my help as the two ACs were asking for 100 Million pesos more. 
“Intelligence Tradecraft. As a former Director for Intelligence, Philippine National Police, the position I held before I retired, I knew that I had all the competencies of an Intelligence officer.
“My Intelligence operation, which was approved by the BI Commissioner (Jaime Morente) and supported by Police Intelligence, focused on how to get strong evidence against those corrupt officials of the Bureau of Immigration as reported by Wally Sombero.
“I acted with regularity in all my actions. A veteran Intelligence officer or operator will understand my actions. 
“Admission of the Two ACs of Plunder (The 50 Million Peso Pay-off). On 08 December 2016, the two ACs admitted to the Commissioner that indeed they were involved after I showed evidence on my laptop.
“Mike Robles went to the bathroom five times during the confrontation meeting involving the Commissioner, 2 ACs and myself. Naglulupasay siya at sinabing, “Tapos na career ko”, while Al Argosino appeared indifferent and callous.  
“I asked SOJ for Audience to present my Evidence. The complicated situation that involved no less than the 2 ACs necessitated full disclosure of all the facts to the SOJ.
“I asked for an audience but he said that he needed more time before I could present my report.  I waited for SOJ to give me the time to present to him the “Smoking Gun” I had on hand. 
“But instead, I was unexpectedly terminated by SOJ.  My next move is to get myself a good lawyer so the legal matters pertinent to the case will be handled properly and covered completely. 
“The Plunder case must be air tight. Truth and Justice must prevail.”
Incidentally, dear readers, Charles had already filed plunder and graft charges against Argosino and Robles at the Ombudsman.
On the other hand, the P18 million he received from the two had been “deposited” by Calima at the CIDG in Camp Crame, for turnover to the Ombudsman if necessary.
Again, for the information of SOJ Aguirre, if he was still of the impression that Calima was also in cahoots with his and PDU30’s two fallen “brod,” he should be reminded that other than Morente, the PNP is also aware of the entrapment operation thru the IG/DI, which Charles used to head.
Kung “peperahin” nina Calima at Morente ang operasyon katulad ng bintang, bakit pa nila “ititimbre” sa PNP aber?
Finally, should not the BI, under Calima and Morente, be commended instead and not maligned in relation to Lam who has been denounced several times already by Pres. Digong for “corrupting” our public officials?

Ilang dekada bang “namayagpag” ang mga iligal na operasyon ni Lam sa Fontana na hindi ginagalaw ng kahit kaninong administrasyon, kahit pa sa “nagmamalinis” na administrasyon ni PNoy? Hindi “natinag” noon si Lam dahil “natatapalan” niya ng salapi, ito lang ang puwedeng ‘conclusion,’ hindi ba mga kabayan?
Pero ngayong “tinuluyan” siya ni Calima at Morente sa raid sa Fontana noong Nobyembre 24, hindi ba “malinaw” dapat sa lahat na nangyari ito dahil hindi nga nasilaw sa kanyang milyones na suhol si Calima at Morente?
Come to think about it, President Digong.
Isang makubuluhan at “mapagpalayang” Pasko sa ating lahat!