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Sports training program

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IN this country teeming with sports leaders and enthusiasts, people are pleased at the prospect of winning the elusive gold medal in the next Olympics.

The country’s continued failure to win an Olympic gold medal is truly unfortunate, with our efforts and money going down the drain.
But there’s now a glimmer of hope after Senator Richard “Dick” Gordon called for a nationwide sports training program in public schools.
In the view of the workaholic and highly-effective Gordon, there has to be a nationwide program where our youngsters can be trained by truly qualified and dedicated coaches.
And with the help of these coaches, our youngsters will be developed into world-class and great athletes, who are capable of winning medals even in international competitions.
In some nations, Gordon, one of the youngest members of the 1971 Constitutional Convention, said sports plays a crucial role in producing good citizens.
Not only that. In these countries, sports also plays an important role in creating a strong sense of citizenship.
High school and college students are not only trained to excel in sports but they are likewise taught the value of competitiveness, participation, cooperation and discipline.
Like Gordon, we urge school authorities to attract, challenge and invigorate students to participate in competitive sports.
Let’s then allocate funds in the proposed 2017 national budget for the implementation of a multi-pronged sports program in all public schools across the country.
It’s a move in the right direction.