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  • Written by Efren Montano
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Featured President Rodrigo Duterte President Rodrigo Duterte

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte has dared the United States government to file a human rights complaint against him with the United Nations over his war against illegal drugs.

“We are members of the United Nations. Akala ko ba may mga abogado kayo? If you have something, you go to the United Nations assembly. You shout your complaint, and you cry there and then ask for a motion that I, the Philippines be investigated,” Duterte said during a speech in General Santos City.

“Then if there’s a result, you submit it, you call our attention and then we talk,” he added.

Duterte made the remarks as he complained against the US’ “nitpicking” and using the international stage to reprimand him over alleged extrajudicial killings of drug suspects in the Philippines.

He said that even when he was still a mayor he had been the US’ “favorite whipping boy” on human rights.
Duterte had been accused during his term in Davao City of sanctioning the killings of criminals allegedly carried out by the vigilante group called the Davao Death Squad.
“Noong mayor ako okay lang. Naging presidente ako, I carry on my shoulder the sovereignty of the people. You do not reprimand me or chastise me in public. I won’t accept. Nakakainsulto ‘yang ginagawa ninyo, and every time you talk about the suspension of aid, ‘yung assistance, ‘We will not give you.’ You have done that to the so many presidents of this country,” Duterte said.
Duterte also cursed at the US as he mentioned the US’ Millennium Challenge Corporation Board’s decision to defer the selection of the Philippines as a recipient of a multi-million dollar development grant over concerns on “rule of law and civil liberties.”
He also cited the US State Department’s cancellation of a firearms’ sale to the Philippines.
“Akala mo every time you criticize, you always connect it with the aid. Bullshit you guys. You know what, I tell you straight, you invaded my country, sat on it for 50 years and you have the gull to say to us that you we do not give you the aid. Son of a bitch. You are a son of a bitch. Do not do that to us,” Duterte said.
He said that the US can “swallow” its assistance and just give it to the thousands of homeless Americans, stressing that the Philippines will be able to survive even without the aid.
“I’ve been to China. China (said) we will give you something… . $50 billion. Tang****** Millennium mo, iyo na ‘yan. Tulong mo sa mga Amerikano na natutulog sa labas,” he said.
Duterte apologized for “having this bad mouth” but insisted that he had been cursing the US for criticizing him over the country’s drug problem.
He reiterated that “nothing can stop him” from solving the country’s drug problem, pointing out his only vision is to preserve the nation.
“It is to protect the next generation so that there will be Filipinos with sound mind and sound body to run this country when we are no longer here on this planet,” Duterte said.