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PRO 3 chief hails killing of ‘big-time’ drug pusher

  • Written by Rudy J. Abular & Mamer Bañez
  • Published in Provincial
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Camp Olivas, Pampanga -- “Exemplary performance.”

Thus said Police Region Office 3 director Chief Supt. Aaron Aquino on the recent killing of the “biggest shabu supplier in Cabanatuan City” by a team led by Supt. Ponciano Zafra.

Aquino was referring to Ferdinand de Guzman Reyes, a.k.a. Didoy, 35, of Bgy. Magsaysay Sur, who was slain in an armed encounter with the police, together with his companion, Danilo de Jesus Llanes Jr., 40, of Bgy. San Josef Norte, on Vergara Highway, Bgy. Bantug Norte, Cabanatuan City, early morning yesterday.

In a message to these writers, RD Aquino said, “I’ve been pressuring our chiefs of police to level up their operation against high-value targets and this is an example of (an) exemplary performance of our personnel”.

Reyes is said to be one of the remaining “big-time drug suppliers” in Cabanatuan City.

Earlier, Cabanatuan police chief Zafra disclosed, “We have been monitoring this Didoy since many of the (drug) pushers we have arrested point to him as their supplier like Candido Bernabe from whom we recovered almost one-fourth kilo of shabu”.
Bernabe’s house was raided, thru a court-issued search warrant by the police last August where 246 grams of shabu and assorted guns were seized.

Reyes and Llanes were killed in a bungled buy-bust operation when they fired upon the police poseur-buyers, said Zafra.
Recovered by Zafra’s team were 429 grams of shabu contained in seven clear plastic bags, a Glock cal. .22, cal. .40 pistol with nine bullets from Reyes and a Colt cal. .45 pistol with six live bullets and a small heat-sealed plastic sachet of shabu from Llanes.
“The seized illegal drugs were the largest amount of shabu recovered from a single drug pusher in Cabanatuan City,” Zafra said in an interview.
Aquino also revealed that Zafra and his team involved in the armed encounter with Reyes will be conferred with an award for their “successful anti-drug operation”.
“Members of the operating (PNP) personnel will be awarded during the flag-raising ceremony today (Dec. 12) at Camp Olivas,” said Aquino.
The armed encounter with Reyes and Llanes is the fifth “bloody anti-drug operation” led by Zafra himself.
Zafra and his men have so far been conferred with two merit medals from these armed encounters.