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Are you stressed?

  • Written by Dulce Reyes
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I will not be surprised if many of you will answer yes to this question. What is causing your stress? Well, there is the perennial worsening holiday season traffic, as the number one cause of your stress. So try doing all your transactions online, if possible.

But then you can also get stressed if you do things online and your account gets hacked. So you keep on changing your password and install so many additional security features. Then there is the Christmas shopping on a limited budget.

You cannot always say to the recipient when they receive a low budget gift that it is really the thought that counts. Your recipient may just give you a disappointed expression.

But where will you get the budget? Try giving them this  less than P200 booklet entitled  “Taming Your Stress” from OMF Literature Inc. over at Boni Avenue near EDSA at Mandaluyong City.

The author is Deborah Smith Pegues and she give a lot of helpful tips on how you can tame your stress. But you have to consistently read the booklet for 30 days to get your desired result.
The author dedicates the book to the Holy Spirit who is her constant companion and stress reliever, she writes. Now that is a good tip. After I got hold of this booklet, I immediately read and reread it and yes, it helps.
You just have to sit still and absorb and reflect on all her tips. There are common denominators and these are to sit still, breathe deeply, again and again. The author says that we should realize that “stress is our biological response to the pressures of life.
The pressures do not necessarily have to be negative to have a negative impact on our bodies, nor must they be the things that are obvious.” We have major stressors and minor ones. Identify them. Face the reality and identify your priorities. Are some of these stressors really worth your time and reaction?
Make a list of what causes your stress and irritation and rank them. Seeing them on paper will help you realize that some are not really deserving of your getting stressed and you can and do something about it. Pray on it. Another tip is for you to have a solid foundation.
The author says we must have a strong spiritual foundation in order for you to stand and be strong. 
Then there is the important tip on sleeping. She says that “sleep is more important to our survival than water or food. Getting sufficient sleep to restore our bodies is a key factor in coping with day-to-day stress. Further, failure to get enough sleep also increases stress and can make us less able to handle stressful situations.”
Thinking a lot and our stress keep us awake making things worse. “Sleeplessness, then, can be one of many signs that our body is under stress,” she writes. Another tip is to nourish our bodies properly.
How do the foods that you eat affect your body to cope with daily pressures?
Why do many stressed people tend to eat more and more food that are not nutritious?
An interesting sentence I read in Pegues’ booklet is,”Do you find it interesting that when spelled backwards, stressed is desserts?” Observe how your food choice when you are stressed are usually junk food that delivers immediate result due to its refined ingredients? 
There are more but I will end for now with the importance of exercise. The author says physical activity is an excellent stress-buster and ïs “critical to normalizing your body after a stressful event.”
Physical activity also provides other benefits like resistance to illness, stronger bones, more energy, and stronger muscles.Be consistent in exercising. Persevere in doing this and see the result. Have a less stressful weeks ahead.