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Armed Forces pressed into war against drugs

  • Written by Efren Montano
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OVERWHELMED by the enormity of the drug menace President Rodrigo Duterte has enlisted the military in his war on drugs.

“Mawalan ako ng panahon, maubusan ako ng bala,” President Duterte said as he lamented that the police organization is a “fractured organization” with so many of its members  linked to the narcotics trade.

“Hindi ko kaya ‘to. And even sabihin nila totoo ‘yan, sinasabi nila attributed to me all na pinapatay ko, binabaril ko. Lahat na. Kung ginusto ko man, mawalaan ako, maubusan ako ng bala, pati panahon. That’s what I told the Speaker and the Senate President and a few members of Congress. What shall I do with this? Just to build a case, you would need about three to four policemen working out 24 hours, just to get the desired proof for a successful operation,” the President told his audience during the AFP turn over rites in Camp Aguinaldo, Quezon City.

For this reason, Duterte  sought the help of the  military to step in and help him out with his campaign against illegal drugs.

“And that is why, I repeat my orders and that’s the reason why I declared a state of lawlessness so that I can call upon you, the Armed Forces, to help the civilian sector, to help the police. Di nila kaya ‘to. At ang pulis mo, the policeman, the very ones who would be preventing the crimes, solving the crimes, arresting the criminals, are themselves into it.”
The President said those involved in the illegal drug trade ran the gamut of public officers and officials — from barangay captains, policemen, municipal mayors and governors to judges and prosecutors.
He said he had also sought the assistance of the other branches of government, by giving a copy of his inches-thick list of drug names to Congress and the Supreme Court “for whatever it may be worth” to them.