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PH has other woes, solon reminds Duterte

  • Written by Jester P. Manalastas
  • Published in Nation
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ENOUGH with the drug issue, look into the other pressing problems of the country, the House Minority group appealed to President Rodrigo Duterte.

“It’s obvious that 2016 was about the war on drugs. 2017 should be about other concerns that are equally, if not, more urgent,” House Minority Leader Danilo Suarez said in a weekly press briefing yesterday.

“We look forward to the President pursuing other issues now,” he added.

According to Suarez, there are issues that need action by the administration such as unemployment, poverty, traffic, food security and others affecting the Filipino people.

For 2017, Suarez challenged the Duterte administration to be adequately prepared to cushion the Philippines during these uncertain and challenging times.

“We have reiterated our request that the President give equal focus to other issues. 2017 is the best time to do that,” Suarez said.
The veteran lawmaker expressed alarmed over the weakening peso against the dollar.
“The peso is trading at all time low, nearing 50 pesos to a dollar... Unemployment, poverty, and traffic are still serious problems. Schools lack classrooms.  Food security is at risk -- all of these are issues that need the administration’s attention and urgent action,” Suarez added.
Suarez said the Duterte administration must be able to show the same enthusiasm for other pressing issues that affect the Filipino people as he does for his war on illegal drugs which has been described by the President himself as “bloody.”
The opposition solon pointed out that government’s campaign against illegal drugs has been extensive up to the point when the President signed an executive order to establish and support drug abuse treatment and rehabilitation centers throughout the country.
“On the upside, more than 700,000 have surrendered. The reduction of drug use, and the commitment of the administration to rehabilitate recovering addicts is laudable,” Suarez stressed.