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Ryza ‘willing to be other woman’

  • Written by Mario Bautista
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Ryza Cenon Ryza Cenon

RYZA Cenon has junked her previous sweet image and now projects herself more as a sexpot. She’s no longer averse to being photographed in provocative outfits and admits she has some sexy scenes in “Ika-6 na Utos” as the mistress of Gabby Concepcion.

“I was only 16 when I joined showbiz sa Starstruck 2 in 2004,” she says. “I’m now 28 years old, not getting any younger, and it’s about time mag-level up na ang career ko by doing more mature roles. I accepted the role of Georgia, the interior designer who becomes a willing mistress in ‘Ika-6 na Utos’, kasi sobrang iba at bago for me ang demands ng role ko. I have to learn how to seduce and show why my character is willing to be an other woman. And I really want to work with our director, si Ms. Laurice Guillen, who’s a well known trainor sa acting workshops, kaya alam ko I’ll learn a lot from her.”

She’s also inspired by her co-stars, Gabby Concepcion and Sunshine Dizon. “Pareho silang magaling so I know I have to always give my best dahil ayokong basta lamunin na lang nila ako sa mga eksena namin. Nakaka-pressure but I use it as motivation para mas maging maayos ang performance ko. Inaral ko talaga kung paano ang tamang paraan ng pang-aakit ng lalaki and how to handle the stolen moments namin ni Sir Gabby when we’re together.

Si Ate Shine naman, pinaghandaan ko pati ang sampalan scene namin. Alam kong puwede akong masaktan but okay lang, basta sa ikagaganda ng eksena. Masarap silang katrabaho kasi very encouraging. Kapag nai-stress ako sa taping, they tell me, ‘Kaya mo yan.’ At nakakaya ko nga.”

How did she feel doing the hot love scene with Gabby? “I was emotionally ready, so kahit may kaba pa rin, okay lang. Kasi, some folks, ang tingin sa akin hanggang ngayon, teenager pa rin ako. So I want to show here na tumanda na ako, puwede na ako sa mature roles. In fairness to Sir Gabby, napakabait niya, inalagaan niya ako sa eksena at kinilig din ako kasi  ang guwapo talaga niya.”
“Ika-6 na Utos” starts airing tomorrow, Monday, after “Eat Bulaga”, and also stars as Mike Tan as Angelo, who helps Sunshine after Gabby deserts her; Rich Asuncion as Flor, Sunshine’s caring best friend; Daria Ramirez as Lourdes, Sunshine’s weak-willed mom; Carmen Soriano as Margarita, Gabby’s mom who maltreats Sunshine; Marco Alcaraz as Chandler, Gabby’s understanding confidante; Mel Martinez as Zeny, Carmen’s obnoxious alalay and Arianne Bautista as Selma, Ryza’s best friend who tries to knock some sense into her head.


DINA Bonnevie and Cherie Gil are glad to be given the chance to work together again in GMA-7’s hit primetime show, ‘“Alyas Robin Hood”, where they both play scheming ladies who are thorns on the path of Dingdong Dantes as Pepe. “I think our reunion ni Cherie makes ‘Alyas Robin Hood’ more exciting for viewers to watch,” says Dina, who plays Mama Daisy, an evildoer who forces young people she kidnaps to play in a secret underground game called Anger Games. “It’s really nice to work with Cherie again and to see her blooming. I know the best is yet to come for both of us.”
“Yes,” Cherie agrees. “It’s so nice to catch up with Dins. It’s been too long since we last worked with each other and now it feels like old times.”
Dina and Cherie did several movies together with Viva, like “Sana’y Wala Nang Wakas” with Sharon Cuneta, “Huwag Mong Itanong Kung Bakit” and “Ang Babaeng Nawawala sa Sarili”. We’re sure sparks will fly when they have scenes together in “Alyas Robin Hood”.
This week, Cherie as Maggie and Dina as Daisy will have a showdown after Dina belittles Cherie’s connection with the police. Cherie then gives Dina a poisoned drink. Meantime, Sid Lucero as Dean sees Dingdong alive in a resort. But Andrea Torres as Venus suspects that someone is looking for Dingdong as Pepe, so she asks him to change his identity and he’s introduced as Cris. As Cris, Dingdong is reunited with Megan as Sarri and they even get to dance. Andrea comes along and she has a conflict with Megan, engaging in a word war which ends with Dingdong and Sid fighting each other.


ERIC Quizon is happy to direct a new and innovative travel show, “Happy Life”, that will air starting next Sunday, 9:30 a.m., on GMA News TV, produced by White Lion Media Productions under ex-Gov. Chavit Singson and with his daughter Kim Singson as president.
“Doing a travel show is not new to me since I hosted ‘Road Trip’ for over two years before,” says Eric. “But this one is different as it’s a travel show for a cause and with a noble purpose. While we are showing the most beautiful spots in our country, we are also doing a pay-it-forward kind of show as we choose a lucky recipient in each place we go to and he or she will then receive a big surprise. For our pilot episode, we go to Ormoc in Leyte and we chose a 76-year old female farmer, Gabrina Luna, who’s been farming since she was 10 years old and has 12 kids.
She was chosen as she’s so selfless, caring for her grandchildren who live in a small barung -barong.  Si Gov. Singson, pinagamot ‘yung apo niyang may sakit and also gave her a new house and lot kaya tuwang-tuwa siya. We even provided for her new home’s electricity and water supply. Sa susunod na episode naman, we chose a barber, si Mang Badong, who’s helping a lot of street children at binigyan namin siya ng sarili niyang bagong barber shop.”
“With this show, we aim to encourage other more fortunate people to help in sharing their blessings and donate to worthy causes,” says Gov. Singson. “The show also encourages folks to do domestic tourism and visit our country, but the bigger aim is to help other people through a rewards system. Ako, I have 100 corporations and I have more than enough na I cannot bring naman with me when I go, so let’s all be more generous in helping our less fortunate kababayans throughout the country. In one corporation, we produce solar power and my goal is to later make this available for free to the people. I also want to help people na sobrang nahihirapan sa 5-6 lending through proper financing in our Vigan Bank.”
The show is hosted by beauty queens and models who act as guides in taking the viewers all around the Philippines: MJ Lastimosa, Bea Rose Santiago, Jamie Herrell, Mutya Datul, Giulia Zahar, Sophie Rankin and Anthea Murfet. Eric encouraged his brothers and sisters to also be donors and help, so you will see Epi and Vandolph Quizon and their other siblings doing their own sharing in one episode. He also asked good friend Alice Dixson to share her blessings in an orphanage in Bacolod for their Christmas episode. Don’t miss “Happy Life” as it premieres on GMA News TV on December 11.