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‘Very good’ rating for administration in new SWS survey

PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte posted anew an initial satisfaction rating of “very good” in his first three months in office with high marks on campaign against narcotics and promoting human rights.

In a Social Weather Stations survey conducted from September 24 to 27, the Duterte administration received a +66 percent net satisfaction rating, besting the initial rating of previous administrations.

The administration of former President Benigno Aquino got a +64 initial satisfaction rating while the others received less than 40 percent ratings in their respective first three months in office.

Former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo posted a +27 initial satisfaction rating, former President Joseph Estrada had +17, former President Fidel Ramos received +32, and former President Corazon Aquino got +23.

The Duterte administration received a 75 percent satisfaction rating, 8 percent dissatisfied, and 17 percent undecided.
The survey also showed that Duterte’s administration got a +78 rating or excellent in the campaign against illegal drugs and +63 percent or very good for promoting human rights.
The Duterte administration also got very good marks on helping the poor (+63), promoting the welfare of overseas Filipino workers (+62), fighting crime (+58), eradicating  graft and corruption (+57), fighting terrorism (+55), defending the country’s territorial rights (+53), and distributing lands to deserving tillers (+53).
It received good marks on developing science and technology (+49), providing jobs (+46), foreign relations (+39), ensuring an efficient transportation system (+39), ensuring that no family will ever be hungry (+37), and fighting inflation (+33).
The administration’s efforts to reconcile with Moro rebels and communist rebels also received “good” satisfaction ratings with +42 and +39, respectively.