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Fears for Pinoy TNTs in US allayed

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US President-elect Donald Trump will be fair to Filipino illegal immigrants, President Rodrigo Duterte said stressing that he trusts Trump’s judgment, particularly concerning immigration issues.

Filipinos living illegally in the US are known as tago-ng-tago (TNT).

With the Republican candidate pulling off a surprise victory against President Barack Obama’s candidate, Hillary Clinton, Duterte said things might turn for the better between the two Pacific allies.
“I trust in his judgment and that he would be fair [on] the matter of the treatment of illegal immigrants,” Duterte said.
“I cannot talk for the illegals because… an illegal is always illegal so he is subject at any time for deportation.”
After winning the election, Trump said he will keep his vow to deport millions of undocumented migrants from the United States.
Immediately up to three million immigrants which he claimed bring trouble and weaken the US economy
“I’m sure. Wala man kaming away. (We have no quarrel). I can always be a friend to anybody,” Duterte said during a dinner with reporters at Malacañang, noting that Trump has not strongly criticized his war on illegal drugs..
“Hindi naman ako sinasaway sa kampanya about my human rights,” Duterte said.
He had lashed out at outgoing US President Barack Obama for criticizing his campaign against drugs.
Dutete told Obama to “go to hell” and announced his “separation” from the US during a state visit in China.