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A lot of cursing

  • Written by Dulce Reyes
  • Published in Opinion
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Women talk

Maybe it’s the way things were that we are always speculating and thinking of the worst to come.

Now that the US has billionaire Donald Trump as president-elect, there are a lot of what will happen to this and that due to his pronouncements while campaigning.

Well, as one political analyst said, you may say many things while on the campaign trail, but once you are seated there in the White House, your perspective changes.

Now you have access to real data from the country’s point of view. You also have all the resources of government at your disposal.

See how even our President Duterte was shocked with the depth and enormity of the drug problem in this country. It can affect already an entire generation.
No wonder our president is mad. And when he is mad, he curses. Let me digress to this cursing of our leader.
As a mother, we always teach our children that it is bad to curse.
We also teach them that saying cuss words is a reflection of the type of upbringing you had and how it can speak ill of you as a person.
So what happens now that the highest leader of our land, who is supposed to serve as a role model of our youth, curses right and left? He may have the right to curse in private for that is his prerogative.
But when you are facing the public as the president, as the leader of a culture-rich country, you just must not curse. Never in public and in front of the microphone which can be heard all over the world and picked up by social media.
What is happening now is that whenever our president goes in front of the microphone, sensitive mothers ask their young children to go to the next room and not listen.
We of course like our president as finally one who has strong political will, but many are just asking if he can just stop cursing in front of an audience. Even if this is his personality and what he really is, but being president is also something of a great responsibility and a position of diplomacy and statesmanship.
Our president must always remember that his audience include young children and the impressionable youth. Educations are at a quandary on how to teach proper conduct and right words when here is the highest official of the land cursing right and left. Please stop cursing. It is not right.
We are all mad against illegal drugs, corrupt officials, and worsening traffic, but it makes us cringe to hear our president curse. This is too much already. He also is a father and grandfather and I am sure he does not want them to curse like him.
If there is a lot of speculation going on about the success or failure of this administration, it will also depend on whether the cursing stops or not.
We all want to curse when we see the extent of the drug problem, the corruption, and the worsening traffic, but we just were taught and do our best not to curse right and left, especially in front of the children who are also into social media. 
We have heard how much our president loves the Philippines, that is why he wants to rid it of these evil influences. But his public cursing must please finally stop, for the sake of his audience, especially the children.