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Who can Chinese-Filipino kidnap victims trust???

  • Written by Itchie G. Cabayan
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Direct Hit

President Duterte’s recent revelation about three kidnapping incidents having taken place for the past three weeks in the Binondo area, home to most affluent Chinese-Filipinos, was accurate, albeit partly.

Well, actually, news of such abductions have been going around the Chinese community long before President Duterte got wind of it and definitely, there are  more than six such cases of kidnap-for-ransom incidents happening in the past se­veral weeks.

Fact is, no one has the guts to come forward and would rather give money than expose themselves and their loved ones to the hazard of losing  limbs and even their very own lives.

This is particulary why members of the Chinese-Filipino community have become the favorite targets of kidnapping by well-entrenched syndicates.  They choose to keep mum,  just pay off and then move on with their lives either here or in another country.

National Capital Region Police Office chief Oscar Albayalde, I heard, is now planning to meet with the Chinese community to discuss the said issue, after no less than the President exposed it during his speech in front of the members of the  Integrated Bar of the Philippines.

Seriously, this will most likely be just a waste of time, for who will have the courage to come out and provide details of their horrid experiences, moreso before cops?  I’ll say why.
During countless tete-a-tetes with lots of Chinese businessmen friends, I’ve learned that over the years, the Chi-Noys have lost their total faith and trust in the police, knowing that a good number of them -- no offense to the remaining ‘straight’ ones -- are deeply involved in illegal activities, kidnap-for-ransom included.
One of these friends recounts what happened when a family friend’s relative was kidnapped years back and released on ransom.  This was post-Marcos era already.
The family members sought assistance from an officer of a huge and known  organization of Chinese-Filipino traders who accompanied them to the office of the Philippine National Police chief at that time. The kidnap victim expressed willingness to provide details that may lead to the arrest of her abductors.
To their surprise and consternation, once there, the victim backed out. ‘Why the sudden change of heart?’, one may ask.
Well, ’twas nothing much. The victim just happened to be greeted by the sight of one of her abductors guarding the door at the PNP chief’s office, in complete uniform and happily chatting with the staff.
No wonder the business of kidnapping for ransom flourished during those times. Up until today, such illegal activity continues to be quite a thriving business and most Tsinoys I’ve talked to bluntly say they are of the belief that the kidnapping activities will only stop once the PNP is abolished. Ouch.
While they fully trust the intentions of President Duterte and PNP Chief Ronald dela Rosa as sincere and genuinely well-meaning, these days, they say, it is difficult to complain before the police because for all you know, the one to whom you are confiding may be into the racket too. Knowing who to trust has become an ‘extra challenge’ and a risk no one is willing to take. Ano, bali???

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