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PNP stops Las Piñas doctors’ mischief

  • Written by Mario Fetalino Jr.
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THIS corner and a village are very thankful to two members of the Philippine National Police for upholding peace and order, public health and decency in Barangay Pulang Lupa, Las Piñas recently.

Just after midnight last Oct. 30,  two law enforcers -- PO1 Geron and PO1 Fernando of the Las Piñas Main Police Station -- responded to a call for police assistance against an erring hospital which is the subject of complaint for gravely disturbing a peaceful community.
Complained by residents of the locality was the Las Piñas Doctors Hospital (LPDH) whose construction of a pay parking facility has been keeping villagers awake even during unholy hours.
Instead of observing silence being a hospital, LPDH  has been roaring day and night for the past months depriving legitimate homeowners of their time for quality rest. 
A medical institution supposed to champion public health, LPDH was also questioned about the foul smell emanating from the construction site as well as unsanitary discharges that enter and eventually compromise the well-being of a community.
A hospital is full of rules to be followed but LPDH was made to explain why it has naked and drunk workers found loitering  at the gate of  a private subdivision. 
Owned and run mostly by doctors, LPDH should know what safety means but it’s really a wonder why they’re putting a community in danger in so many ways like parking a heavy equipment in front of the village gate.     
In its complaint against LPDH, the Woodridge Homeowners’ Association Inc. warned the hospital that its “construction project is now compromising the health, safety, security, and peace and orderliness of every homeowner in our community.”
It’s not really surprising that when police officers Geron and Fernando came, they had to stop LPDH from making the unbearable noise. They saw LPDH’s mischief and they had to put an end to it.
It kind of worries me when people whom we trust like doctors behave differently. Here are professionals whom we go to when our life is in danger but they somehow betray us when things become a ‘business matter.’
When the noisy mixers left our place after being told off by the police, I believe the heavy equipment simply moved  to the other end of the construction site which is farther from the village but nearer to the main hospital building. That was 3 a.m. of Oct. 30.
I assume they didn’t stop unloading the cement during the unholy hour because from my place, I can  hear the mixer working again and making that awful noise. They resumed construction works unmindful of the welfare of LPDH patients trying to sleep or recover.
A year ago, a daughter of a patient confined at LPDH tried to reach me over a complaint that LPDH was overcharging patients. A year later, LPDH is already constructing its muli-million peso parking facility. The project is now pestering both LPDH patients and peace-loving neighbors. 
The hospital is eyeing for more expansion. One may now ask at whose expense that might be?
Just asking doc.

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