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Ready to rumble

  • Written by Eddie Alinea
  • Published in Boxing
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LOS ANGELES, CA. --Challenger Manny Pacquiao  winds up the Los Angeles leg of his build up  program  Monday (Tuesday in Manila), the same day his team motors to Las Vegas in Nevada, for his fight title with defending World Boxing Organization welterweight kingpin Jessie Vargas six days from now.

A training schedule described by chief  handler Freddie Roach as ‘very light’ consisting of a few miles of  roadwork and three rounds of sparring is what his training only needs starting on that day before his title showdown with the Mexican-American belt-owner on Saturday (Sunday in Manila) at the Thomas & Mack Center inside the University of Nevada-Las Vegas campus.
Despite the  moderate schedule, the eight-division titleholder still wishes to run the  mountainous Griffith Park in his early morning regimen  before proceeding to the Roach-owned Wild Card  sweat shop  at the heart of world’s entertainment capital in Hollywood.
“No gym activity will be held starting Tuesday, except, perhaps some light exercises, which Manny can do before running outdoor anyway,” Roach told  People’s Tonight  after workout Saturday.
“We in the training team believe we’ve covered everything the past six weeks Manny’s working out.”
“No need for him to extend the hard  work and sacrifices he’s undergone with only a week remaining before the fight,” the Hall of  Fame  trainer reasoned out.
“At this stage of preparation, we have to avoid things that can lead  to injuries and other form of sickness to Manny.”
“His being a  Senator exposed him to meeting many people, especially when we were in Manila where he  was contaminated with cold and cough.  That forced him to cut short his daily training schedule or completely cancel the schedule,” Roach recalled.
“Even here in the US, people continue stalking him, following him wherever he goes unmindful of the possibility of Manny getting sick that might result in the postponement of the fight,”  he added.                 
Pacquiao had actually completed the most crucial  stage of  his build up program last Saturday after completing 90 rounds in sparring, 200 rounds with the mitts and 3,000 miles of roadwork, leading  Roach and his training team to declare him  100 per cent ready  to do battle against Vargas for the latter’s WBO 14-pound belt. 
“Our  preparation  for the fight is one of  the  best  held in 15 years,” Roach said. “And that’s the reason  why Manny reached his peak this early.”
“Yeah, we’re ready to rumble,” strength and conditioning guru Justin Fortune concurred in even as he threw cushion to the opposite camp to be prepared in  facing a new Manny Pacquiao.
“We’ve just reinstated Manny to his old fighting form in the camp,” Fortune  said  in reference and  assistant trainers Buboy Fernandez, Nonoy Neri, Roger “Haplas” Fernandez, Marvin Somodio and himself in the last  of training program.
Assistant trainers Buboy Fernandez, Nonoy Neri, Roger “Haplas” Fernandez and Marvin Somodio all chorused their agreement.
Meanwile,  former two-division  world champion Gerry Peñalosa   predicted a  knocout win for Pacquiao.
“Noong makita  ko  ensayo ni Manny  sa  Manila, sabi ko sa sarili ko babagsak si Vargas after eight rounds or longer. Nang makita ko kanina si Manny, sabi ko, before  eighth round he’s finished,” Peñalosa said.