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Siblings’ deaths baffle cops

  • Written by Itchie G. Cabayan
  • Published in Metro
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THE Manila Police District-theft and robbery section (MPD-TRS) is looking into the robbery angle in the deaths of the Rosales siblings who were “mysteriously” killed by unknown assailants.

Chief Inspector Alex Rodrigo, chief of the MPD-TRS, said the robbers destroyed the door lock and then took valuable items including a TV set and two laptops which could contain information that could help resolve the murder of Lauren and Petronio Rosales, Jr.

Police is still awaiting the CCTV footages in the area and the vicinity of the victims’ home located in Sta. Ana, Manila.

PO3 Rodelio Benitez of the MPD-TRS said a complaint was filed by the victims’ cousin Eloy John de Guzman, 27, regarding the robbery.
De Guzman told probers he left the home which he shared with the siblings to help prepare for the wake of Petronio in Loyola Guadalupe in Makati but was surprised to find the lock was destroyed and the house was in disarray when he came back to pick up some documents.
Lauren was killed last July 21 by a gunman while on board a passenger jeepney bound to Makati.
On the other hand, Petronio who just flew back from London to help follow up the case of his sister was killed last October 26 while on his way to the police station.