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Digong tells off Americans again

“’DI kami patay gutom,” President Rodrigo Duterte said as he insisted that the Philippines can survive without conditional aid from the United States.

The President said that Washington’s rivals Beijing and Moscow had offered the Philippines assistance.

Duterte called outgoing US Ambassador Philip Goldberg for publicly criticizing his bloody war on drugs and the US government for setting “many conditions” on aid.

“Yung inyong assistance sa inyo na lang yan,” Duterte said in a televised speech from Cotabato City.

Duterte said China offered assistance to the Philippines during his four-day state visit to Beijing last week
“I can ask for more, baka ibigay sa akin ng libre I can develop Mindanao to its fullest extent,” he said.
Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev made a similar commitment when they met on the sidelines of a Southeast Asian leaders’ summit in Laos last month, Duterte said.
“Sabi naman nila sa Russia pumunta ka dito at nandito lahat ng kailangan mo, ibibigay namin magusap lang tayo ,” he said.
Duterte said that even Japan, a US ally, committed to helping the Philippines.
Addressing the US, Duterte said: “I’d like to send this message once again for the last time...you talk to us as if we’re still your colony na parang tauhan ninyo kami na kung magbigay kayo ng aid maraming kondisyones,” he said.
Duterte singled out Goldberg, who was among the first to raise concerns over his alleged links to extrajudicial killings during the presidential campaign.
“Ayoko naman pumatay ng tao [I don’t want to kill people]... you picture me as if I enjoy killing my countrymen,” he said.