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Yes, even bidets get stolen at NAIA toilets

  • Written by Itchie Cabayan
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I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at what I heard yesterday, as the management team of the Manila International Airport Authority (MIAA), led by General Manager Ed Monreal,  Public Affairs Department Chief Connie “Yummy” Bungag and Media Affairs Division chief Jess Martinez made the rounds of the four terminals of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) yesterday in preparation for All Saints’ Day.

Unbelievably, did you know that at least eight bidets get stolen from the comfort rooms of each of the said four airport terminals every month?
This shocking and lamentable fact was bared yesterday by Monreal himself, with matching shaking of the head, adding that the bidets that get stolen are merely made of plastic and not actually the top-of-the-line type and rightly so. As if this weren’t enough, Brother Jess said even the locks of the comfort rooms also get stolen at times.
Toilet cubicles in the premier airports have been earlier equipped with attachable bidet sprayers -- those hand-held-triggered nozzles that enable one to wash his private parts after answering a call of nature without using the hands.  These bidet sprays are connected to the existing water supply of a toilet bowl without soldering  or other complicated plumbing  works required, which is why they are easy to detach.
Just the same, wtf!?! For one to go through the trouble of unscrewing everything just to steal a plastic bidet which had been used by the public repeatedly? Hell, a brand-new one, a highly-durable one at that, can be bought at the Ace Hardware for only P179.
This dastardly act poses a huge problem to efforts aimed at maintaining comfort rooms befitting of a premier airport such as the NAIA terminals. It’s a form of sabotage, at a time when the airport management is doing everything within its means to bring about changes that would redound to the benefit and convenience of airport users and the traveling public and while the NAIA is reeling from the tag it had carried for years as one of, if not the ‘worst’ airport in Asia.
In this day and age when ‘bidet-less’  toilets are considered jurassic, can you imagine if a foreigner enters a cubicle in our airport and finds tiny holes in the wall and no bidet?
That foreigner would think that the Philippines is a primitive country, not knowing that a cheap thief had just stolen the bidet.
Now how do you solve a problem like this? Unless Monreal orders that CCTVs be installed right inside the cubicles which would mean total loss of privacy and is of course not feasible, all he -- and we -- can do at the moment is appeal to the public’s sense of decency and scruples -- doing the right thing even when no one is watching.  Truly, only in the Philippines!!!

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