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Is E-power needed for illegal vendors?

  • Written by Mario Fetalino Jr.
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I ASKED why traffic is still bad and  most of the answer I get is that President Duterte hasn’t yet been given  the emergency power he needs to solve the menace.

But they way I look at it, there are so many aspects of the traffic woe that can be resolved even without the use of e-power.

For example, does e-power count in getting rid of illegal vendors on the streets? Illegal vendors are one of the major reasons why vehicles are not moving because they occupy thoroughfares.
Aside from putting up tables, chairs and so many other fixtures to sell their products along the road, they also bring their entire family including very small children there virtually making it their own home and place of business.
By doing so, illegal vendors do not only cause traffic but they also pose hazard to themselves and motorists because they stand in the way of moving vehicles.
One time, I was stopped by a traffic light at a corner in SM Manila near the city hall and when it was time for me to go, I almost hit a toddler who was playing just infront of my vehicle.
I looked around and saw her mother cooking and the father watching TV beside an LRT post situated at the middle of the road. Accident is really going to happen if we have illegal vendors turning roads into their own kitchen and sala.
Seriously, do we need approval from Congress to remove illegal vendors from the streets?
Not much different is the case of illegal terminals of jeepneys and UV Express invading every lucrative corner they can find in Metro Manila.
If every corner has these illegal terminals, how do we really expect traffic to move?
I took the jeep one time in Las Piñas and during a long stop at the corner of two major roads, I asked the driver why our vehicle was not moving even though we’re on  green light. The driver said he’s just waiting for more passengers to fill up the seats.
Out of curiousity, I inquired how he’s able to violate the traffic light without being apprehended by traffic enforcers who were just infront of us. To my surprise, the driver said he pays the traffic enforcers 50 centavos for the favor.
It turned out the measly fee is part of standard operating procedure in every corner of Alabang-Zapote Road that’s why traffic is hellish in Las Piñas at any time of the day.
Common, do we need the nod of lawmakers to fix this?
Vendors and terminals obstructing traffic are violating laws that’s why they are illegal. All the government has to do is to enforce the law to clear the roads of obstruction.
Can’t we do that? If the government can deal with powerful drug lords, there’s no way it can’t do the same with hard-headed vendors and drivers.

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