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Whatever the judicial outcome, a key member of the prominent political family has made their case for forgiveness in a very public manner.

Such plea is an apparently a sincere bid for openness and transparency.

Following such very public gesture, the family can rest, un burdened by a heavy emotional and psychological baggage carried over three decades.

That’s a lot of time spent in a virtual Black Hole, Twilight Zone, and a bottomless pit.

How are supposedly very compassionate people expected to react to such a plea?

The daughter of the late President Ferdinand Marcos called for forgiveness on Monday as she led a rally at the Supreme Court urging it to approve a controversial hero’s burial for her father.

About 1,000 supporters gathered with Imee Marcos at the court, which was expected  yesterday  whether it approves President Rodrigo Duterte’s order to allow the burial at Manila’s National Heroes’ Cemetery 27 years after the strongman died.
Imee, governor of the family’s northern stronghold of Ilocos Norte, cited Pope Francis as she called for human rights victims and other critics of the regime to abandon their campaign against the burial plan.
“To those who are criticizing and who are not allied with us, I hope you set aside your grievances. All of us have anger and bitterness in our hearts but we should set that aside because, as the pope said: ‘When we forgive, you will be free and happy’,” Marcos told reporters outside the Supreme Court.
However she maintained her family’s longtime position that her father, accused of allegedly  plundering billions of dollars and overseeing widespread human rights abuses during his 21-year rule, was a positive force for the country.
“If in our view my father was great, others have many criticism, but let us no longer debate,” she said.
Marcos and his wife Imelda led their family into US exile in 1986 after a military-backed “People Power” revolution toppled him from power.
Marcos died in Hawaii three years later. His embalmed body was brought back to the Philippines in 1993 and placed in a glass-topped casket at his northern Philippine home.
Presidents since then refused family requests for him to be buried at the heroes’ cemetery, even as the Marcos clan enjoyed a remarkable political comeback.
Imelda Marcos is a congresswoman and her son, Ferdinand Marcos Jr., remains a powerful politician with presidential ambitions after narrowly losing the election for the vice presidency this year.
Duterte, who was elected in a landslide this year, has close ties to the Marcos family and has pushed for the burial.