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Lovi denies rumored romance with foreign guy

  • Written by Mario Bautista
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Lovi Poe Lovi Poe

LOVI Poe plays her most daring role to date in Regal’s new release, “The Escort”, where she has hot love scenes with Derek Ramsay and Christopher de Leon directed by Enzo Williams. “Parehong matindi ang love scenes ko with them,” she says. “But hindi ako nahirapan kasi pareho silang magaling mag-alaga sa kaeksena nila. First time ko to work with Derek and I enjoyed it kasi he can be funny and goofy on the set. Kay Sir Boyet naman, we’ve worked na before in a teleserye, ‘Beautiful Strangers’, pero walang love scene kundi rape scene ‘yung ginawa namin doon. Doing a love scene with a respected actor like him who’s considered the Drama King is a dream come true for me.”

Her career is really coming up roses as she also has a hit primetime soap, “Someone to Watch Over Me”. “My co-stars in the show, Tom Rodriguez, Max Collins and I really want to thank all the viewers who continue to watch and support us every night. Maraming nagagalingan sa amin kasi matinding drama ang ginagawa namin every night and I really want to thank Tom and Max kasi mahuhusay sila at sa kanila ako humuhugot kapag kaeksena ko sila. Nagkakatulungan kami talaga.”

Lovi is leaving her condo in the Fort to move to a new house that she bought in Quezon City. “But I’m still having it renovated. I have to move para maging mas malapit ako sa GMA-7. Grabe na kasi ang traffic situation. Parang as days go by, mas patindi nang patindi and it’s getting to be unbearable, so lilipat na lang ako sa QC.”

She’s currently being linked to a European guy, Chris Johnson, who visits her here in Manila. They look lovey-dovey in their photos taken when they’re together, but she continues to deny that they are in a relationship. “He’s just a friend,” she insists. “I have no boyfriend now. Hindi pa ako ready for another relationship.”

But her ex, Rocco Nacino, is now said to be playing beautiful music with his “Encantadia” co-star, Sanya Lopez. What can she say about this? “Nothing. Wala na ako roon. We’ve both moved on naman, so okay lang.”


SAM Milby was once rumored to be gay after someone posted his photoshopped picture with Piolo Pascual making them look like they’re holding hands. He now plays a guy who’s living in with a gay doctor, Zanjoe Marudo, in “The Third Party”. Didn’t he get worried that the movie might rekindle the old issues questioning his gender?
“No, kasi people naman will believe rumors no matter what you do,” he says. “The important thing is I know who I am and I’m comfortable with the real me. Kung totoo ‘yung rumor, I would not accept a role that might just expose something that I’m trying to hide. Eh, wala naman akong itinatago, so I didn’t even hesitate to accept the role as I welcome the challenge of playing a bisexual character.”
How did he prepare for his role? “I studied the character well, kasi late na nang nalaman niyang bisexual pala siya. So he had an inner struggle after finding that out, and natakot siyang tanggapin ‘yun. He was in denial and I focused on that. But after I got through that, I had no trouble portraying the role, being sweet to Zanjoe Marudo. Noong una, ‘yung scenes na sweet kami sa isa’t isa, parang awkward, so we just learned to enjoy our scenes together para maging mas believable kami pareho.”


THE winner in the recent congressional hearings is apparently convict Jaybee Sebastian. If you’d read the feedback on him in social, a lot of people were impressed because he’s so articulate, oozing with confidence, very polite and projects himself well on camera. No wonder he gained lots of fans, especially when he’s compared to the congressmen who grilled him for 13 straight hours who appeared as dumb asses. Too bad for Sen. Leila de Lima that the main witness against her seems and sounds so credible.
But the congressmen should have been prepared for him because even in that Bilibid docu on Discovery Channel, Jaybee already showed that he has charisma and is very fluent in speaking in English. He talks even better than some of the congressmen. Obviously, he impressed even the congressmen themselves that they even asked his advice on what to do to stop the drug trade in Bilibid.  He said cell phones must be confiscated and not allowed inside the prison, and that prison facilities should be improved.
Jaybee should be a good case study on why someone so obviously intelligent and talented went wayward and forayed into a life of crime. He was just 21 when arrested, convicted and sentenced to two life terms for kidnapping a businessman. He’s now 36 and has spent 15 years in jail where he has become a superstar jailbird. Can he still lead a new life outside of prison or is he already beyond redemption? Only God in his infinite wisdom knows.