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PDP-Laban, NUP join forces in Quezon

  • Written by Gemi Formaran
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LUCENA City --  Aimed at supporting the program of President Rodrigo Duterte towards federalism and beyond, Partido Demokratiko Pilipino- Lakas ng Bayan (PDP-Laban) and the National Unity Party (NUP) in Quezon province forged an alliance here on Saturday.

A memorandum of understanding (MoU) between the two parties were signed at the Queen Margarette Hotel in the presence provincial government officials, Quezon mayors, party officials and a thousand of incoming PDP-Laban members.
PDP-Laban was represented by its provincial chairman, former Quezon Governor and now Interior and Local Government Assistant Secretary Eduardo Rodriguez, while NUP was represented by its provincial chairman, incumbent Gov. David Suarez.
The signing was witnessed by Immigration Deputy Commissioner Al Argosino, who served as guest speaker during the activity, Prof. Ed Almzan, Quezon Vice Gov. Samuel Nantes, PCSO Director Betty Nantes, Quezon Mayors League president Fernando Llamas, Lucena City Mayor Roderick Alcala and Vice  Mayor Philip Castillo, 36 town mayors, a number of vice mayors, councilors and barangay captains.
In his message, Rodriguez thanked Suarez for his desire to support the leadership of President Duterte, to help the PDP-Laban in pushing for federalism and to foster unity with the ruling party.
But he clarified that with the alliance of the two parties, other political parties in Quezon are also welcome to join the coalition.
“We are open to other parties and I am appealing to their leaders to join hands with us and set aside our personal interests and forget our political differences,” said Rodriguez.
The former governor stressed that it is high time for Quezon to unite and for its people to attain the much awaited progress and stability.
For his part, Suarez expressed optimism that with the merger of the two parties, and the cooperation of the other parties, Quezon would finally get what it deserves.
Aside from Rodriguez, the Nanteses and Alcala were also thanked by Suarez for supporting the initiative of the two parties despite their political differences in the past.
“I feel good but I could not believe that all of us are now sitting on same stage. But I’m little sad that it only happened now that I’m already in my final term as governor,” Suarez said in jest.  
For their part, Vice Gov. Nantes and Mayor Alcala, who both belong to Liberal Party, expressed their support to the present administration and to the coalition of the two parties. The two leaders were one in saying that they will be in support to any move for unity, peace and development.
Based on the MOU, both parties shall initiate programs of actions and political road map delineating their respective and corroborative cooperation and coordination in the attainment of the programs of government of the first party and President Rodrigo Duterte.
The two parties shall earnestly advocate thru constitutional amendment the establishment of a federal government. In this regard, apart from a swift action to solve peace and order issues in the country, the parties hereof the transition of the current form of government into a federal one.
It was learned that the merger of the two parties was initiated by Mayor Llamas, who is a political ally of Suarez and a close friend of Rodriguez.