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Aurora only CL prov with no dengue death

  • Written by Mamer Bañez
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BALER, Aurora -- The Department of Health (DOH) reported that Aurora remains as the only one among seven provinces in Central Luzon which registered zero registered death from dengue.

Latest statistics released by the DOH regional office showed that for the past two years, Aurora has not recorded a single fatality of the 707 dengue cases from January 2015 up to September 10, 2016.

Over the 20-month period, 42 deaths were so far recorded, including 18 in Bulacan, 12 in Pampanga, four each in Bataan and Nueva Ecija, three in Zambales and one in Tarlac.

Pampanga had the highest death toll in 2016 with 10 followed by Bulacan with eight and Bataan and Nueva Ecija with four each. Aside from Aurora, Tarlac and Zambales had zero deaths this year.

Last year, Aurora, Bataan and Nueva Ecija had zero deaths while Bulacan had 10, Zambales three, Pampanga two and Tarlac one.
DOH Regional Director Leonita Gorgolon said that all over the region, they have monitored 24,606 dengue incidence for the past 20 months.
Gorgolon said of these, some 9,927 cases were monitored in 2016, representing a 32 percent decrease from the 14,679 cases in 2015.
For the past 20 months, Bulacan had the highest dengue incidence with 6,341 cases followed by Pampanga (5,749), Tarlac (4,876), Nueva Ecija (3,092), Bataan (2,238), Zambales (1,603) and Aurora’s 707.