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Sleepless over P216B thrown away on drugs

  • Written by EMontano
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PRESIDENT Rodrigo Duterte said during his recent visit to Vietnam he had sleepless nights thinking about the P216 billion wasted annually on illegal drugs.

Duterte told his audience in his meeting with the Filipino community in Vietnam  that  a computation by a billionaire revealed the devastating impact on the Philippine economy by  over three million Filipinos using or dealing in drugs like shabu.

The President said that if each addict out of the three million affected by drugs in the country will spend at least P6,000 daily based on monthly P200 per hit basis, this would add up to about P18 billion being wasted by the three million addicts every month or P216 billion annually.

Duterte said that he was emotionally affected after realizing the huge amount of money wasted on drugs which should have been used to feed and educate the poor.

“A billionaire made a computation. Sabi niya, you know Mayor I’ll give you the economic impact of drugs in the country, your country. And he said this is the way how it goes. There are at least as you claimed 3 million drug users and addicts.        
One hit daily costs around 200 or about 6,000 a month. If these users and addicts use drugs on a daily basis, that’s about P18 billion a month or around P216 billion a year. Otherwise, these monies could go to food, education, health,” the President said.