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Co was kidnapper of ex-PNP chief’s wife

  • Written by Alfred P. Dalizon
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HIGH-PROFILE New Bilibid Prisons inmate Tony Co, the suspected drug lord who was killed in a riot inside the NBP’s building 14 yesterday was serving time for the September 27, 2001 kidnapping of a woman who later married former Philippine National Police chief General Arturo C. Lomibao, the Journal Group learned.

Co, whose real name is Xu You Kwang, was reportedly stabbed several times while injured were convicted drug lord Peter Co and Jaybee Sebastian, a convicted kidnapper who has been tagged by some of his fellow prisoners as the feared Bilibid inmate who helped raise funds for Sen. Leila de Lima’s election campaign.

The former PNP chief said that President Duterte “knows the story behind my wife’s kidnapping as he was tasked by then President GMA (Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo) to assist, in his capacity as Presidential Adviser on Anti-Crime.”
“Two years ago, 19 convicts were discovered operating a large-scale shabu business inside Bilibid.  Much to our surprise, 2 of my wife’s kidnappers -- Shi Jian Hui aka Jacky King Sy and Xu You Kwang aka Tony Co — were among them. They evolved from being kidnappers to drug lords, can you believe that?” an incredulous Lomibao said.
Lomibao said he and his wife even feared they would be targeted for retribution by the convicted kidnappers-turned drug lords who were earlier reported to have pooled their resources to assassinate President Duterte and PNP chief Director General Ronald ‘Bato’ M. de la Rosa.
“My greatest fear though is that they might get back at my wife because she was the first kidnap victim who put a face to kidnapping as a menace to society. Or, they might also target members of my family,” he said.
According to Lomibao, the kidnappers through their contacts from the Filipino-Chinese community offered P10 million to P15 million to them just to settle the case while it was still being heard. “Precisely, 10 judges tried the case because some were bribed, others inhibited while others succumbed to harassment. Again, corruption in the judiciary,” he said.
“My wife has said time and again that only when her kidnappers are 6 feet underground will she be able to sleep soundly. Her fears were magnified when the two aforementioned kidnappers turned drug lords. She believes it is not impossible for her kidnappers to bribe their way out as what happened to Zhang Du, the one who escaped from the BID Detention cell. But I have assured her that with President Duterte at the helm and with his unflinching anti-drug/kidnapping/criminality campaign, all her fears will be brought to naught. I pray that PRRD, together with PNP Chief Dela Rosa, will succeed to STOP or greatly reduce the drug menace in his self-imposed deadline of 6 months, with the active participation of the citizenry,” Lomibao added.

On June 16, 2011, Judge Antonio Rosales of the Manila Regional Trial Court Branch 52 found undocumented Chinese nationals Shi Jian Hui alias Jacky King Sy; Lim Jiang Feng alias Jason Lim; Xu You Kwang alias Tony Co; Wu Chang; Shi Chun Qi alias Jacky Sy Ocampo; and Zhang Xi Wang alias Michael Zhang; and Zhang du alias Wilson Zhang guilty of kidnapping Jacky Rowena Tiu-Lomibao and sentenced them to up to 40 years in prison without the possibility of parole.
Zhang Du was out on bail when the verdict was handed by the Manila court after 10 years with 10 judges presiding one after the other to hear the celebrated case. Zhang Du was also found guilty of being an accessory to the kidnapping and was meted out a prison sentence ranging from six to eight years and one day.
On top of the 40-year jail term, Peter Co, Jacky King Sy and Wu Chang were also ordered to serve an additional 17 years and four months for stealing the victim’s car. They were also ordered to pay the victim P100,000 in exemplary damages.
Court records showed that Jacky Tiu-Lomibao was abducted as she was driving her car just a few meters away from their family’s house in San Fernando City in La Union. The kidnappers initially demanded a U.S.$2 million ransom but eventually reduced the amount to P10 million.
The kidnappers eventually freed Jacky unharmed after ransom was reportedly paid by her family. In August 2002, the six Chinese were monitored to be planning to bolt the La Union Provincial Jail prompting authorities to transfer them to the Bauang District Jail.
In a talk with the Journal Group, Lomibao said his future wife was kidnapped by the suspects while he was the Police Regional Office 1 director in Ilocos-Pangasinan region. She was released at the vicinity of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport after eight days in captivity and after paying a P10 million ransom.
“Moments later, the kidnappers were all captured, literally with their pants down while dividing the loot inside their hotel room. We could have killed them instantly had they been captured outside,” he said.
Lomibao said that ‘because of her extraordinary courage to come out and testify, PGMA (President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo) travelled all the way to San Fernando, La Union on the first day of the trial to give Jacky moral support. She also provided Jacky with the best lawyers from DoJ,” he said.