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President’s ‘sorry’, vendication, relief to family -- Espino

  • Written by liway c. manantan Yparraguirre
  • Published in Metro
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LINGAYEN, Pangasinan -- “It’s not only a vindication but a big relief to the family and for my father.”

Thus Gov. Amado I. Espino III said in reaction to the public apology made by President Rodrigo Duterte to the former governor and now 5th district Rep. Amado T. Espino Jr., Board Member Raul Sison and former provincial administrator Rafael Baraan, whom he had linked to illegal drugs.
The provincial governor hosted the Governor’s Night Tuesday for the participants of the 3rd Region 1 Tourism Convention.
Speaking several hours after the apology of Duterte, the young Espino tried to control his voice from cracking due to overwhelming emotion, but with his happiness evident, Espino begged for indulgence as he talked about this development.
“I’m sorry for being emotional, it has been a roller-coaster ride, and this is one of our happiest days as family,” he said, adding he learned about it through text messages from relatives and friends.
He reiterated that his father had been fighting illegal drugs since he was a police officer, and that since 2007 when his father first served as governor, his mission was to make Pangasinan the best place to live, invest, work and raise a family.
“We are humbled by the President’s saying sorry,” Espino said as he thanked the President for this beautiful gift to his father.
Congressman Espino himself had issued a statement on the clearing of his name from the drug matrix.
“I am humbled by the pronouncement of the President on clearing my involvement on the alleged drug matrix released last August 25, 2016. I am so humbled and thank the President, the concerned authorities for this much awaited relief. My family, friends and the people of Pangasinan would like to express our gratitude to the President for being a true leader and gentleman. He has my highest esteem for the courageous and bold statement of apology on clearing my name, Raffy Baraan and Raul Sison,” said the solon.