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MMDA suspends traffic enforcer for drug use

  • Written by Edd Reyes
  • Published in Metro
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METROPOLITAN Manila Development Authority (MMDA) General Manager Tim Orbos placed on preventive suspension a traffic enforcer, who was one of the group of suspected drug users caught by policemen in a pot session last week in Quezon City.

Traffic aide Benedict Barreras was immediately sanctioned after he was caught sniffing shabu when Quezon City police conducted an anti-illegal drug operation.
“Drug use is definitely a big no-no for employees of MMDA. We will not tolerate this kind of misbehavior,” Orbos said.
According to Orbos, the agency will let the legal process take its due course and that it will conduct its own internal investigation of the case.
Barreras, a permanent employee, is facing possible summary dismissal from the service once proven guilty.
“Rest assured that we will continue cleaning our ranks of all kinds of crooks,” Orbos said.