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A scary ghost appeared

  • Written by Hiduth
  • Published in Mysteries
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HE  stood around seven feet tall. 

The eyes were nothing but black holes, but they had a kind of glow behind the darkness. It was last week, and I sat upon the cliffs overlooking shark bay.

The sun had just set, and I saw someone walking upon the short sand beach below. There isn’t much of a beach due to relenting waves. It isn’t a beach for swimming, and the fishermen overtake the area.
It is approximately twenty feet down, and I watched the wavering figure growing closer. I knew it was an evil entity, and I wondered why he was showing himself to me. A part of my gifts is discernment.
In an instant, I know what they were in life…  It’s a feeling that overtakes me. I don’t have to see them to know. They don’t need to be nearby. I just… Know.
I think he was trying to scare me, but after all I have seen, not much fazes me these days. So I sat back, just watching him, waiting for him to do his thing, whatever that may be.
The last of the sun was gone, and the purple blue of the clouds, was now, a solid black. No moon, no trade winds…  stillness. Perfect elements for a Ghost to try to make a move. Good or bad, I was his target.
As I am used to being sought out, all I can do is ready myself for the experience. It’s not even an afterthought to go into a prayer of Protection. I closed my eyes, and asked God to surround me in a shield of strength. I can do nothing on my own, of this, I learned, long ago.
When I opened my eyes, the entity was standing in front of me! His black eyes were piercing through mine, and I noticed his face was covered in tattoos. For a moment, it scared me, but then I stood to face him. He backed away from me, and I knew then… He was a very evil spirit.
He tried to take on the appearance of a warrior, but his facade began to break down. I watched as his face became distorted. The skin became taut and skull like, and I saw his true face, behind the pretense he projected. I saw what he looked in life, and he had been an ugly man. So sad the ugliness had permeated his Soul as well.
The Entity was filled with evil. He had been a man at one time, but in his latter days, became obsessed with power and greed. He had hurt a lot of people in his journey, and he had a few people killed. I could smell the deaths layered upon him, like chains seen to the naked eye. You want to know how I know this? I can see it on their faces and bodies. It’s like the words in a book… Each face/body projects life lived in shame, sorrow, greed, happy, sad, evil, good, etc…  Anyway, this is how I am able to “read” them. It’s as clear to me as a page filled with descriptive explanation.
Every Soul is read, heard, and helped… Or avoided. I wanted to rid myself of this Entity. He made my skin crawl and his being…  well, best way to describe it…  He made me feel like I was covered in (ugh) feces. I almost retched, and I started to walk away. Turning my back on him would be a bad idea, so I was careful to move slowly. I try not to speak to this kind of entity. If I can feel him, he knows what I am…
Last thing you would want to do is anger an evil entity. Too late! He called me a few expletives, which I will leave out here, and tried to push at me with his energy. Of course, since I had my power of prayer working in my favor, it did no more than lift a few hairs from my shoulders. Kind of like someone blowing their breath on your face/neck.
Creepy, but I kept moving toward my truck. I took a quick glance to see how much further I needed to go, and that was my mistake. The entity was next to me again, and he started to threaten me with death. Of course, he screamed it at me, and with detail.
I am too much of a lady to repeat what he said, as it was nasty, and very vile. I didn’t flinch. It wasn’t the first time an Entity had threatened harm, and it wouldn’t be the last.
Having the beliefs, I hold dear, I know these types of entities cannot harm me, and certainly cannot take my life. They can try, and this one did, when he saw I was not reacting to his threats. He mustered enough energy to knock me to the ground, but it is like being pushed over by a child. The key is not to be afraid. If you allow fear to enter the equation, he gathers this from you, and fear gives an entity power, which can be used against you. NEVER give in to fear. No matter how scary the situation.
The entity hovered above me, and he did his best to look frightening. He did manage a few looks I had never seen before. But I didn’t waver in my stare, he knew he couldn’t hurt me, and he started to wail in frustration.
My ears were burning from the high pitched sound he made. It sounded like tin cans going through a grinder! Add to that, voluminous sounds, akin to sitting front row at a rock concert. It was painful, and annoying.
Some entities are great at throwing temper tantrums, and this big guy -- he was throwing a dilly of a fit! I sat up and rubbed my knees, brushing away the rock that stuck to them.
I was getting mad now, and I told him so…
“Get away from me evil one, you have NO power over me, go away!”
I yelled. My knees throbbed from where I landed, and I was ticked off. At my age, I didn’t put up with being pushed, prodded, pinched, poked, etc-etc…
The entity looked shocked, and he seemed to shrink before my eyes. I found myself staring eye-to-eye with him! His black eyes smoked anger, but he was shirking away from me, moving back to the cliffs edge.
“God will take care of your kind one day! No matter what rock you hide under! “ I called out, as he moved away. Sometimes, just using the word, “God”...  will cause them to retreat. Retreat? This one zipped away. I saw him dart across the sand below, and in a blink of an eye, he was gone. Thanks goodness, he took his nasty smells with him!
I went home, and took another long shower…
My shower stall is filled with scented shower gels. It takes a while before the odors filling my nose, go  away… This is the part of my “gift” I really hate…