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Bato’s other mission: War on dirty toilets

  • Written by Aflred Dalizon
  • Published in Nation
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AS part of its ongoing massive transformation program, the Philippine National Police leadership is not only going after “dirty cops” but is also “waging” war to maintain clean toilets in all police stations.

PNP chief Director General Ronald “Bato” M. dela Rosa said he is against filthy police toilets and has urged police personnel and the public to do their share in maintaining the police comfort rooms as clean and fresh as possible.

At present, the best PNP toilets can be found at the PNP national headquarters, the PNP Gymnasium in Camp Crame, the PNP Criminal Investigation and Detection Group headquarters and the PNP Highway Patrol Group headquarters.

The secret behind the success in keeping their toilets fresh and clean: regular and proper maintenance, good running water and proper ventilation.

During former PNP chief, now retired General Ricardo C. Marquez first year in office, he pointed out the dirty restrooms at the PNP Transformation Oval near Gate 1 of Camp Crame in EDSA.

It turned out that the restrooms are the places where many police officers change clothes before or after their tour of duty, many of them unmindful of the dirty shoes they wear soiling the floor.
Stung by the PNP chief’s criticisms, officials designated utility workers to restore cleanliness in the restrooms.
PNP Internal Affairs Service head Chief Supt. Leo Angelo Leuterio is doing his share to keep police toilets clean.
Leuterio said they have started inspecting offices and restrooms inside Camp Crame and will evaluate which office has the cleanest comfort rooms.
The winners will be announced during the PNP flag-raising ceremony every Monday.
The official said the top five offices with the “filthiest washrooms” will also be named during the PNP’s regular weekly staff conference.
“In the pursuit of instilling discipline, we at the PNP-IAS have decided to look into how PNP offices use and maintain their facilities including their restrooms,” Leuterio said.
Some 25 PNP-IAS inspectors will go around the PNP national headquarters to regularly inspect offices and their toilets, IAS spokesperson Sheilla Ujano-Castillo said.
“The objective is to develop discipline among police officers and the unit itself, promote high standard in facilities and good image of the PNP,” Castillo said.