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5 high-profile celebrity deaths that are still shrouded in mystery

  • Written by Deanna Janes List
  • Published in Mysteries
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FROM walking the red carpets to pumping their own gas, celebrities don’t have to do much to headline the news.

But there’s nothing like a deadly high-profile scandal to really fuel a media firestorm. Below are a handful of true-crime reads that explore the weird, mysterious, and murderous deaths of some of the most famous. Give them a read and learn why these fascinating creatures are actually NOT just like us.

1. Marilyn Monroe, Actress Coroner, by Thomas T. Noguchi, M.D.

Though Dr. Thomas Noguchi’s book delves into the deaths of many public figures (Natalie Wood, Sharon Tate), it’s case No. 81128 that to this day remains the source of hot dispute. Did Marilyn Monroe die of a drug overdose? Did the Kennedys have her killed? Or was it something else? Dr. Noguchi shares his firsthand account of investigating the starlet’s death. And who better to dish about the deets than the pathologist who performed the autopsy himself?

2. Jimmy Hoffa, Teamsters President

The Hoffa Wars, by Dan E. Moldea

In what has been regarded as a critical masterwork of investigatory journalism, Dan E. Moldea examines the conundrums swirling around one of the 20th century’s most intriguing characters: Jimmy Hoffa. And no topic is off limits: Moldea exposes the man who played a role in the CIA-mafia plots against Castro, the man who plotted to assassinate the JFK, and, of course, the man who mysteriously went missing.
3.  Elvis Presley, “The King” Coroner at Large, by Thomas T. Noguchi, M.D.
Another murder collective from the man behind the autopsy reports, Coroner at Largetakes more of a consultant approach as Dr. Noguchi analyzes the facts surrounding the deaths of some very well-known people (including Jeffrey McDonald and Jack the Ripper). Of particular interest is his objective examination of the untimely death of rock-‘n’-roll legend Elvis Presley, including the prescription-med cocktail found in his system.
4. Bonnie Lee Bakley, Wife of Actor Robert Blake Blood Cold, by Dennis McDougal and Mary Murphy
Bonnie Lee Bakley  wanted her name written in lights. But it took dying for the failed singer/actress to become a media fixture. In May 2001, Bakley was shot to death in a car parked outside a restaurant in Los Angeles. And it was her husband, actor Robert Blake (In Cold Blood) who got the blame. Acclaimed journalist Dennis McDougal along with entertainment-media expert Mary Murphy shed light on the stranger-than-fiction crime case.
5. Sunny von Bülow, Wealthy Socialite

The Von Bülow Affair, by William Wright
Dubbed the “scandal of the decade,” the Von Bülow affair belongs to Sunny and her shady Danish German husband, Claus Von Bülow. In December 1980, Sunny fell into a coma but recovered only to fall into another coma almost exactly one year later. Author William Wright delves into the details of Sunny’s comatose Christmases and the foul play that may or may not be responsible for them in his investigatory book, which weaves narrative with behind-the-crime-scene facts.