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‘Bear with checkpoints’

  • Written by Alfred P. Dalizon
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Round-the-clock checkpoints will continue to thwart crime and terrorism –– PNP chief

PHILIPPINE National Police chief Director General Ronald ‘Bato’ M. dela Rosa yesterday said round-the-clock security checkpoints to thwart criminality and terrorism will continue with officers under strict orders to ensure the protection of human rights and observe courtesy in dealing with motorists passing through security checks.  De la Rosa said that the 24/7 checkpoints being conducted by the PNP with the assistance of the Armed Forces is according to the letter and intent of President Rodrigo R. Duterte’s declaration of a state of emergency on account of lawless violence.
PNP spokesman Senior Superintendent Dionardo B. Carlos said the order of Gen. de la Rosa is aimed at further intensifying all police target-hardening measures to protect key cities and urban centers from any terrorist activity.
He said that the PNP chief has instructed all PNP commanders to coordinate with their local AFP counterparts the need to augment police forces with soldiers who will conduct 24/7 checkpoint operations.
Police intelligence units have been required to double their efforts in intelligence gathering to ensure that incidents similar to the recent Davao City explosion that killed 14 people and wounded 67 others will not be carried out by terror groups.
Gen. dela Rosa also appealed to the public to cooperate with law enforcers during the conduct of checkpoints so as to hasten the process. He assured the public that PNP and AFP personnel manning checkpoints have been ordered to fully adhere to policies and procedures and to uphold the basic rights of the citizenry.
He also reminded PNP units and personnel to conduct checkpoint operations according to the general guidelines prescribed in the Revised Police Operational Procedures that require checkpoints to be established in well-lighted areas and personnel must be in complete uniform with their nameplates visible.
The PNP leadership has reminded the public on the following checkpoint procedures:
# Checkpoints must be well-lighted, properly identified and manned by uniformed personnel.
# Upon approach, slow down, dim headlights and turn on cabin lights.
# Never step out of the vehicle.
#Lock all doors of vehicles during inspection since only visual search is allowed.
# Never submit to physical and body search.
# Motorists are not required to open glove compartment, trunk or bags.
# Be courteous but firm in answering, assert your rights, have presence of mind and do not panic.
# Keep your driver’s license and car registration handy.
# Be ready to use your mobile phones at any time; speed dial emergency numbers.
Most importantly, Gen. de la Rosa urged the citizens to report checkpoint violations immediately.