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Communicate to connect

  • Written by Dulce Reyes
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One of the tips I have learned from reading material in the internet on communication is the one where it says that when we communicate, we should be able to connect.

From how I understand it, if we are communicating something to an audience and we fail to excite  or make them feel so that they will act on the message,  if we fail in these, then we failed to connect, even if we gave the message in a sophisticated state-of-the-art presentation using the latest technical gizmos.

This is why many famous communicators who did not even go to college, are able to connect to their audience and elicit thousands of advocates and supporters. The message they imparted inspired, disturbed, touched on the emotions of their target audience.

Of course there are many ways of communicating and it need not always be all words and speeches and powerpoint presentations. But what I learned from my various readings on communicating to connect is that the words used must be simple, straight-to-the-point, focused, and to the right audience or what we call target audience.

Gone are the days when technical or high-falutin words would impress the audience, or they just might be trying to be impressed.
The message will enter one ear and go out in the next. That is why one of the tips to communicators is that their messages must always end with a CTA or call to action which should provide impact to the said audience. You do not talk about CSR or corporate social responsibility to non-corporate entities who are not into CSR work.
However, they may have another term for CSR and this might be commrel or community relations which is part and parcel of most firms, especially the manufacturing firms. Communicate to connect and just don’t communicate, period.
It would be a waste of time to the speaker and the audience. Enough of talk talk talk. Now is the time for action, for connections, for collaboration.
As the cliche goes, life is too short. Do something now to help change our community, our country, for the better. Walk the talk. Be connected and act to help the country.
Many things are calling for urgent actions, one of which is the horrific traffic situation in Metro Manila and other urban centers nationwide. Note the word being communicated here and that is urgent.
I cannot see why our Department of Transportation can’t seem to see the urgency of solving the traffic situation. Why are they not connecting with the suffering commuters who have to line up for hours just to get into the LRT/MRT and buses?
Why don’t the top honchos of the Department of Transportation, including their colleagues in the committee in Congress, ride the buses or the MRT for one week and join the kilometric queues. I am asking these officials to immerse themselves and connect with the suffering Filipino commuter and see their suffering for the traffic foes.
Do something now regarding the traffic gridlocks where more HPGs should be stationed. Put them there in the cause of the traffic, in the gridlocks.

Communicate all you want regarding your plans but you are not connecting because of your target audience’s daily sufferings.