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Rogue cops watch out: ‘Bato’ is mad

  • Written by Alfred Dalizon
  • Published in Opinion
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Crame Files

GENERAL Ronald ‘Bato’ de la Rosa on Monday did what other PNP chiefs have failed to do since the PNP was created in 1991: Give his officers and men a massive tongue-lashing in front of the national media and nobody was complaining. For the first time in its fabled history since its creation 25 years ago, cops believed to be involved in drugs were publicly berated by a PNP chief just like what a father will do to a wayward son. I heard the Chief,PNP say the cuss words many times last Monday—live and in person—that networks have no more chance to censure them.

I learned that the PNP chief’s blood pressure shot up after that profanity-laced meeting at the PNP Multi-Purpose Center. Supposedly, the top cop was to meet the cops in President Duterte’s list in private but no he did not and allowed the press to cover the meeting which turned into a bawl-out session which the entire country cheered.

“They finally have met their match,” one official told me after seeing ‘Bato’ berate his erring men. However, he said that they expect to see more officials—active and retired—included in the next batch of drug protectors set to be shamed by President Duterte. “There were some names, a retired regional director included, which were not in the list but it’s a common knowledge in the force that they harbored many cops in drugs and even brought them wherever they were assigned,” another official told me over a cup of coffee.

A fuming Gen. dela Rosa on Monday gave dozens of police officers and men in President Duterte’s drug list the scolding of their life when they surrendered to him at Camp Crame on Monday, barely hours after being ordered to yield within 24 hours or be killed when they shoot it out with their colleagues.

The presence of the horde of policemen and politicians trooping to Camp Crame to explain their side is an indication that they are not taking the words of President Duterte and Gen. de la Rosa lightly. For me, these people believe that the President means what he says with Bato as his main enforcer. Just look at their eyes and their body movement.
The top cop cursed at the policemen for bringing shame to the 160,000-strong organization after being included in the list of law enforcers and retired and active local government officials allegedly involved in illegal drug trafficking activities, many of them said to be ‘protectors’ of well-entrenched drug rings in the country.
“I have only one and a half years. Kapag civilian na ako, baka pa-ambushin niyo ako. Basta hangga’t ako ay chief, PNP, hindi ako papayag na p***** i** mamayagpag ang droga dito,” the sharpshooting PNP chief told the policemen and politicians who looked like meek lambs while getting the scolding from the latter.
I learned that over half of the policemen and politicians and other government officials named by President Duterte showed up at the PNP national headquarters to deny their involvement in drugs thru formal affidavits before the PNP Criminal Investigation and Detection Group headed by Chief Superintendent Roel Obusan.
De la Rosa said it is up for those named in the President’s list to yield. “”Nasa kanila na iyan, discretion nila iyan kung mag-surrender sila o hindi, i-clear nila ang pangalan nila, bahala na sila.”
He also confirmed that many have called him to ask why known drug protectors in their areas were not included in the list. “Ang daming nagreklamo nga e na bakit iyung mayor namin hindi kasama dyan, napakatalamak ng droga rito,” he said. His reply: the President is set to name more soon.
Listen to the PNP chief as he warned rogues in uniform: “Pag involved kayo sa droga, papatayin ko kayo. Ako’y galit bilang ama ninyo. Pag mganda ang ginagawa ninyo kakampi ninyo ako pero pag mali, ako ang kalaban ninyo. Am I fair with you.” “Kung gusto ninyong tumulong, tumulong kayo. Wag nating pabayaan na malugmok ang ating bayang Pilipinas sa droga.”
Again, I am reiterating my call on the public to fully support the government’s ongoing crackdown against drugs. Due process should be given to all persons in the President’s list—but WE should all be concerned by the fact that shabu is now a major security issue in our dear country with public and law enforcement officials directly or indirectly involved with it.
As of yesterday, the PNP-CIDG, the PNP Internal Affairs Service and the Department of Justice are coordinating their investigation into the persons in the President’s list. Expect more officers and men to be transferred to far-flung provinces as the investigation progresses. However, I have learned that some of the policemen in the list were actually former ‘bodyguards’ of the politicians accused of involvement with drugs. These policemen have been ordered to turn in their PNP-issued firearms to their superiors while undergoing the probe.
Again, we should praise President Duterte for being the first Commander-in-Chief and Gen. de la Rosa for being the first Chief,PNP to voice their strong opposition against drug personalities in the government and the law enforcement agency. There’s really a big need for this government to have an iron-fist policy when it comes to dealing with rogues who will only talk with persons who knows their language. They really understand that both Digong and Bato mean what they say. It’s the reason why they never fail to beat the ultimatum being given on them to yield.