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Munti sidewalk vendors to receive stalls in market

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After the Alabang facelift, the city government of Muntinlupa now deals with giving affected sidewalk vendors alternative livelihood and assistance.

Mayor Jaime Fresnedi held a dialogue with affected vendors last July 25 at Muntinlupa City Hall to discuss clearing operation initiatives along walkways and how will the local government support them.
Muntinlupa City actively supports President Rodrigo Duterte’s campaign on peace and order across the country.
In light of the firm actions in clearing operation in Alabang and nearby barangays, Fresnedi highly discouraged vendors to infiltrate sidewalks again. He also clarified that the motive of the performed operation in Alabang and in nearby barangays was to free sidewalks and footbridges from obstructions, turning these areas a regular course again for commuters.
The city government guaranteed the vendors that they will acquire better means of livelihood: Muntinlupa City Public Market (MCPM) will soon open 80 slots for them; and the City Terminal will offer some spaces where vending will be completely legal. However, the said areas are still comprised with inexpensive rental fees.
Vendors who can’t afford rental fees on MPM or in City Terminal can sell on private sites but for the conditions that they should not block main roads or sidewalks; no usage of vast umbrellas; and must be legally authorized by the private place’s owner. Vendors are then obliged to get a clearance first from Muntinlupa Traffic and Management Bureau.
Ambulant sellers are strictly restricted under the Alabang Viaduct. Officials have already placed lights around the place, as an initial action for the beautification program of the city government.
On the other side, not official city resident vendors can ask help from the Social Services Department (SSD) for the “Balik Probinsya” program for financial assistance.