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Conversations with dead people: Contacting Princess Diana

  • Written by M.J. Pack
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Conversations with dead people: Contacting Princess Diana Photo by: Wikimedia Commons

THIS is something I never thought I’d say: I have a clairvoyant friend. Some of you may already be aware of Amy or, as she calls herself, The Closet Clairvoyant from our work on the Making A Murderer case.

She is a wonderful person with some pretty incredible gifts -- gifts that I, a former skeptic, have experienced firsthand. Together, we have decided to start a new project: speaking with celebrities who are on the other side. Whether you believe this to be real or not, please read on knowing that we are not in the business of fooling anyone. We are simply sharing our experience, and whether you decide to believe it, well … that’s entirely up to you.
Welcome to conversations with dead people.
The day of our call, I noticed an odd amount of articles regarding Prince Harry and his desire to “make his mother proud.” And tonight, just as I transcribe this conversation, I find a new photo of Diana and her sons has been released.
Both of our previous sessions have had many “signs” to point towards the importance of our timing, and Diana is no different.
So let’s get to it, shall we?
Our subject for this session was among our most requested and most highly anticipated. Due to some recent health setbacks, I unfortunately kept putting off my transcription of our conversation. Yet even up until this evening, little things kept popping up that proved Diana was the right choice to speak to next.
Amy texted to show me a coin someone had used to pay with in her friend’s store, just the day before our call:
Amy: So I guess, just ask a question to … get started.
Me: Okay. Um. I guess we both sort of, she’s been at the forefront of our minds for our next subject so… is there anything in particular that she was really wanting to… speak about? In our conversation?
Amy: So she instantly made a joke, and I’m trying to -- it was more of a feeling than of her saying it in words, um, of like -- “You just opened a can of worms.” Like, she could talk for … ever. About the things that she wants to talk about. She’s instructing that you -- ask her questions, as the process goes on, it will become clear what it is she’s wanting to say.
Me: Okay. Um. I always like to start on a lighter note so, um, does she have anything she wants to talk about -- about her boys? Or if she has any …  particular messages for them?
Amy closes her eyes, listens.
Amy: Um. So she’s saying, what could be said about her “boys” that wouldn’t be cliche … that a mother would say. It’s well-known how much she adored and loved both of them. They are true testaments to the bond that they had, because of the way they turned out. It shows that … she lives in them. And that the bond that they had is true, and deep, and … nothing can change that. Not even death, or people, um, wishing to remove her, um, influence. They could never, because … she is in them. And they’re in her. And she says that’s very evident in the deeds and actions and how they’ve lived their lives … since.
There’s something particularly elegant about the way Amy delivers this information. In each of our sessions, the very spirit of our subject seems to come through in her; Diana feels poised, eloquent. Sure in what she wants to say and yet careful in the way she says it.
Me: Okay. Something that I, in her position, would just be curious in -- what is her opinion on Kate Middleton?
The response is almost immediate.
Amy: She’s perfect. She’s … perfect. She says, she likes her a lot because she is, um, a lot smarter than she … puts out there. She knows how to maintain her opinion and her will without getting into trouble, which is something she [Diana] wasn’t very good at, she’s saying. (laughing) That’s something really admires in her [Kate.] She doesn’t want to use the word ‘manipulative,’ because that’s not what she means at all.
Me: More like, tactful?
Amy: Um, it’s just that her emotions don’t control her [Kate] as much, and she knows the way she doesn’t agree and what she wants done, and she knows how to go about getting that done without causing any red flags or … it seeming like she is going outside of the “will” of all the, um, “meddlers” Diana is saying. Whereas Diana wore her emotions on her sleeve and many times could not hold her tongue. And … um, would snap react to something. She’s saying Kate kind of sits and figures out a way to, do it in the least … um. Amount of consequences coming back on her. And she also has a strong will, she’s saying she has a strong will and a strong mind and she has no complaints about her whatsoever.
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Me: Good! I had a feeling she would probably like her. I don’t know many people who don’t. Um, okay, trying to think …  I don’t have as much intimate knowledge on Diana as I have on some of our other subjects, so I’m trying to think of the right questions to ask. Um. My biggest question, I guess, and this is diving a little deep right away -- what she knows about what happened that night [of her death?] If she has any … explanation for … what happened.
Amy closes her eyes. She looks very serious when she finally responds.
Amy: She’s saying she will go into this, she doesn’t really see relevance in that nothing is ever going to be done about it. So.
I feel admonished. Maybe I should’ve done more research, but it was the one thing that was tugging at me to ask, so I went for it. As a child of the 90s, Diana’s car crash was most of what I knew about her, outside of the commemorative Beanie Baby.

Amy: She’s gotten past the … need for, um, I don’t feel any … anger. Or vengefulness in wanting to “nail” people or get certain people blamed for anything. She’s saying it’s really not that difficult to figure out. If you just take a step back and look at the big picture -- what her whole entire life consisted of, her marriage, her relations with certain people -- where she was at that point in time, what she was choosing at that point in time, it’s very evident …
Amy sighs.
Amy: …what happened. Um. The details are what’s lost. She does have, and she is being very, uh, defending of that driver -- she, uh, she’s saying that … what happened, happened.
At this point our connection jitters a little. This tends to happen during more emotional moments of our sessions and I don’t comment on it.
Amy: You know. There’s nothing that can be done about it, but one thing that truly is, um, sickening -- is, the blame and the shadow cast on that man that was incorrect. He was the scapegoat of the situation. And she feels for his family. That, you know, deep in their hearts know the kind of man he was. And they have to sit there and listen to things that are completely, completely out-and-out lies.
Me: Okay. Because I know it went back and forth between that it was the paparazzi’s fault, it was the driver’s fault, it was … volleyed back and forth.
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Amy: Neither’s fault.
Me: So it was just a perfect storm?
Amy shakes her head, smiling sort of strangely.
Amy: No. Just a very planned storm.
Me: Oh. Oh?
Amy: Neither of those are the reasons why.
Me: Okay. Hmm. So if she’s using the word ‘planned’ but it wasn’t the paparazzi’s fault, it wasn’t the driver’s fault … can she elaborate, on that?
Amy closes her eyes, listens again. A small smile plays on her lips. The audio on my computer crackles and pops.
Amy: She has such a good sense of humor. Everything she has said is laced in some … a bit of sarcasm. So she said yes, she can elaborate on it, but is she going to? No. (laughing)
Me: (laughing) Okay, that’s fair enough!
Amy: She’s saying to me for many reasons. Number one, you know, it’s not … the world is still not at a place where it is ready to, um, stop being the … (sighs) She says … I gotta get the exact way she’s saying this. Hold on.
Amy stops to compose herself and appears to listen very intently. When she speaks again, it’s with that same elegant, eloquent style as I heard earlier.
Amy: The world is very fickle. The world needs to have clarity and answers about things that happen. Especially when it comes to things of the magnitude of what happened with her. And yet, the world also doesn’t want to believe -- (laughing) -- the truth of situations. They want to stay naive. They don’t want to … understand how deep that goes. And so the world isn’t ready for the answers. And so she’s not ready to give it, is what she’s saying. It’s not her place to give that answer. When most of the world is not in the place to receive an answer.
That’s a pretty bold statement about the world, and yet a statement I tend to agree with. It also tends to strike true with what I know of Diana. It feels very … her. It even has the ring of political care a trained royal would have in regards to statements to the press. And I suppose in this situation that’s what I am -- the press.

Let’s move on.
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Me: So there’s clearly something else she wants to talk about but she’s being coy.
Amy: Coy is a good way to put it. She’s very playful. Like, you know. It’s a very interesting personality. (laughing) Wonderful personality. She’s saying that she has a lot that she does want to talk about. What she doesn’t want to do is waste time … so she’s explaining to me that in her life, so much of her life she wasted energy on trying to convince people of things they weren’t ready to be convinced of. Um. So it doesn’t matter how much you present the truth, if nothing’s ever going to be done about it and people aren’t in a place to deal with it.
Me: Then why bother?
Amy: What’s the point? And that’s basically what she’s saying. Nothing’s going to occur from that. Other than people’s imaginations being … tantalized for the moment, and then, nothing’s done about it. So she’s willing to say it was not the driver, it was not the paparazzi, it was planned. If you take a step back, she keeps saying, and look at the big picture … you can put two and two together to see what happened. It was actually very elementary. And simple.
Me: So that being said, then, that’s what a lot of people would go towards, and that’s been … set aside. So, um, tell her to help me to help her! What do we need to, to tackle? How do we need to approach this stuff?
Amy closes her eyes, tunes in. I wait. To be continued