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Large biped chases child from woods

  • Written by Source: Coast to Coast Radio - September 29, 2013 Transcribed by Jamie Brian
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Around 1973 or 1974 - Harford, Bel Air, Maryland -- Kelly called in to tell of something weird that happened to him when he was a child:

“I was a private investigator for almost 15 years. I’m 50 years old now but this happened when I was a child. I grew up riding horses in the woods with my friends. My brothers rode dirt bikes so I learned to ride dirt bikes as well. So three of us are on a dirt bike, we were small so we could all fit. We are riding through the woods where we’ve ridden many, many times, it’s called Harford Glenn, it’s in Maryland. And I wanted to get off the bike. I got off the bike and my friends took off down the trail. We know this area like the back of our hands. Soon as they go down the trail, I hear a very loud thud and I could feel it, it was heavy. Now, I have horses. I know 15 hundred pound animals feel like when they stomp their feet and glide so I know what a heavy animal sounds like when they hit the ground. This was a biped, it was two-legged and I heard thud, I heard some brush move I heard thud thud thud thud thud and it was getting closer to me and I had instant fear. Now I’ve never been afraid in the woods ever and I’ve ridden my horse many times as a kid by myself or been in the woods by myself. I had instant fear and instant panic and this thing was running towards me in long heavy strides and I took off running down that trail like nobody’s business screaming at my friends. I caught up to them on the dirt bike and I was screaming, just yelling and screaming for them to stop. They stopped and I jumped on that bike and I said, ‘Go! Go! Go!’ We took off up the trail and back to my friend’s house which, we were not far from houses at all, it was amazing. I was terrified. I was absolutely terrified. They had to take me home. My brothers went out and searched the area, they didn’t find anything but they did find large footprints. Large footprints -- like 12 or 13-inch footprints. Like Bigfoot footprints. Now this was at a wildlife sanctuary called Harford Glenn in Maryland and the road was a dead end road right to the woods. We rode the horses from the farm which was maybe a mile away, all through this area, all through the woods everywhere. We knew this area like the back of our hands. We grew up in these woods. Yeah, it was a biped. It was a biped. It was large big and heavy and I’m used to 15 hundred-pound animals. I know what they sound like when they stomp their feet, when they jump, when they land on the ground, you know, all these kinds of things, this thing was big and heavy and a biped. This was in Bel Air, Maryland. My hand to God, everything I’m telling you is true. I’m shaking right now telling you. It as a marsh wet land area. There was houses on the outskirts of it.”