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‘Martial law a contingency’

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“MARTIAL law is a contingency”.

President Rodrigo Duterte said he was never a fan of martial law but he could be constrained to resort to it as a “contingency to meet widespread violence.”

“I am not a fan of martial law. Abugado ako e. Natakot ‘yung mga tao sa martial law. But if ever, martial law is a contingency to meet widespread violence,” Duterte told Palace reporters.
He cited the problem in Mindanao as he responded to concerns over his inclination to suspending the writ of habeas corpus may eventually lead to martial law.
“Mindanao is in a state of rebellion. If you go south, there is no guarantee that you can go there to Tawi-Tawi,” he said.
In a speech at an event honoring his mother, activist and teacher Soledad Duterte who led the anti-martial law movement in Davao, Duterte said that he had thought of suspending the writ of habeas corpus to fight lawlessness in Mindanao.
He made it clear though that he will not declare martial law.
However, Sen. Vicente Sotto III, after meeting with Duterte in Malacañang on Monday, said he thinks the President was not seriously considering suspending the privilege of the writ of habeas corpus due to lawlessness.
“I don’t think the President is serious in considering it at all…It was just a passing thought,” Sotto told reporters in an interview.