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Rogue cops

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DESPITE government efforts to rid the Philippine National Police (PNP) of scalawags, there are still lawmen who use the all-out war against illegal drugs to make money.

But it is heartening to note that the PNP leadership, headed by Director-General Ronald “Bato” M. dela Rosa, is determined to go after erring men and women in police uniform.
Dela Rosa assured the public that rogues in uniform will be caught sooner or later, fired from the service and jailed if found guilty.
Of course, nobody will argue with the hard-hitting PNP chief from Mindanao when he called on the people, including the ordinary citizens, to “help us police our ranks.”
He even invited big-time drug lords and pushers to report rogue policemen who try to extort money from them.
“Kahit kayo ay drug lord, kahit kayo ay drug pusher, ’pag kayo ay kinokotongan ng mga pulis, mag-report kayo sa akin at may tama sa akin ’yang mga pulis na ’yan,” said the PNP chief.
Usually, the victims eventually offer huge sums of money to have their names removed from the purported list of drug suspects.
In enforcing the country’s laws, it is clear that the PNP chief, a member of Class 1986 of the Philippine Military Academy, “doesn’t distinguish the rich and powerful from the poor and lowly.”
Dela Rosa’s invitation to the public must also raise the cue for other national and local government officials to support the nationwide campaign against the drug menace.
This, if indeed they have the heart and mind for the good of the country and the suffering Filipino people.